Greenville’s Poetic Charm, Chiccy Baritone

by Terry Watson | September 18th, 2017
Chiccy Baritone

Chiccy Baritone

There isn’t just one word that can sufficiently describe this remarkable and talented individual. Introduced to the poetry circuit in 2001 and affectionately named, “Chiccy Baritone” (Pronounced “chick-y”) Charlene Evans lives up to the full meaning of her stage name – Chic, well-put together (spiritually and emotionally).

First, she is a Christian and poet who has a talent for manipulating words as a means of expressing herself. She is also a writer, bookworm, traveler, and coffee connoisseur who has a natural love for people and culture. Her work as a poet is spiritually grounded and inspired by God. While she speaks, Chiccy hopes that something spoken will minister to the souls of others.

Baritone uses her deep melodic alto voice to share her life stories in the form of poetry with much authority. Her work can best be described as spiritually grounded, filled with real life situations and God-filled solutions.

Before discovering the gift of poetry, Chiccy worked corporately as an engineer, focusing on project controls and product development, all while balancing her love for arts and technology. She believed managing a professional career and a career as a poet helped cultivate a desire for social change and empowerment.

“I discovered the gift of poetry while doing pageants at Spring Valley High School during my junior and senior year. While trying to decide what I was going to do as my talent, I knew I loved to read poetry so I decided to do monologues. Once I graduated from high school, I entered college at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC with the desire to start writing. Right before graduating I visited an “open-mic” event where I opened my personal notebook and began reading poetry that expressed my growing pains in college,” she says.

Upon moving to Greenville, SC in 2001, she took poetry a little more seriously and started memorizing her work, until she started Chiccy Baritone Productions in 2004.

God is a keeper. From 2009 to 2016 she has experienced several challenges in life. One being very painful, was the death of her mom, Viola Evans, and a bitter moment with the deaths of her two best friends, Mertyse Lemons and Tavis Brunson. At those times in her life, Baritone recognized how close she was to falling deeply into depression but says God continued to keep her through it all. “My relationship with Jesus and the power of the word of God continues to strengthen and motivate me to live my life for God and to fulfill every assignment that God appoints,” she says.

Baritone is not content with being the last in line. She has strategically moved her way to the front of the line where she maintains a strong presence.
Looking forward Baritone hopes to complete a couple of books, one for poetry and another dedicated to the memory of her mom. She plans to continue to work on her next CD titled, “Wildflower Vol. 2” along with her band in Greenville, SC. She will also host “Breakfast for Champions/Women Empowering Women” sessions throughout the United States. Her first independent session

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