Greg Carson

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Greg Carson

Greg Carson

Besides being an entrepreneur, Greg Carson serves as a Purchasing Manager who is constantly working to prepare a better life for those who are connected to him. He is quite active within his community and is always looking for ways to give back. He also takes pride in helping others accomplish their goals.

Carson, who lives in Nashville, TN has always had a passion for event planning, design, and execution. It is something he loves doing which allows him to exhibit his creative abilities by making occasions for others special. The event planning company he owns, Inspired Concepts and Events, LLC (ICE) provides a platform for him to be able to do so.

“After several years of planning events and parties for my family and friends, I felt compelled to start my own business and enlarge my product offerings,” he says. Inspired Concepts and Events, LLC is a company comprised of individuals committed to providing clients with memorable events that exceed their expectations. “We are very conscious of our client’s budget constraints and find unique ways to make their vision a reality.”

As an event planner, coordinator, and decorator, Carson is capable of providing a vast number of services which are personalized for each individual client. These include linens, china, glass wear, flat wear, chair covers, chargers, floral design centerpieces, and more. He also has a wide variety of decor items available for rent. Though ICE is based in Nashville, they have established relationships with several suppliers in the Middle Tennessee area.

Carson has been hosting and decorating events for over five years. Those events primarily consisted of small intimate birthday parties and dinners for family and friends. He decided to expand his product offerings and services last year and that is how Inspired Concepts and Events, LLC was born. To be successful in the event planning business, Carson knows that he must be compassionately connected to his work and in tune with the needs of his clients. “I love seeing the smiles and excitement on my clients’ faces once I make their vision a reality. Most of my clients have a general idea of what they want but have a limited knowledge of the costs. I like to collaborate with them to find alternatives that not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. Most importantly, I use my negotiating skills as a Purchasing Manager to stay within their budget,” he says.

Starting a business requires sacrifice, dedication, hard work, and compromise. Carson says his biggest challenge is managing the demands of his full-time job while building a growing business. It’s a very tough balance he adds, because his clients demand his undivided attention and detail. He also advises anyone that may be thinking about starting a business to network with others in and outside their field. “You will have to make sacrifices but understand that you are not alone so don’t be afraid to ask questions and research. Always develop a plan and don’t get discouraged if you have to deviate from it a little, and you should find ways to give back to others. These things will determine your success,” he says.

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