Hairageous & Simply Beautiful Hair Salon

by Tonya Dixon | September 11th, 2012
Hairageous & Simply Beautiful Hair Salon

Photo by Howard Gaither

Kala Slade knows hair. More importantly, she knows healthy hair and how to maintain it and achieve it. Slade is the owner of Simply Beautiful hair salon in Greensboro. She knows the latest styles and techniques; from weaves to cuts to color, but her main goal is to convey the importance of maintaining healthy hair.

“It’s your glory,” she says. “All women want to look good, but it’s more than just the outside; it starts on the inside. It starts with eating right, exercising and drinking lots of water. As professionals we can do lots of things topically, but it’s more effective and important to start with what we put inside our bodies.”

Slade has been a life-long Greensboro resident and has loved everything related to hair just as long. She always wanted to do hair. Even as a little girl she played with dolls and styled their hair. She reluctantly admits, she continued to be the doll’s stylist even throughout high school. That’s just how much she loved hair. Even so, after she graduated from high school she enrolled in North Carolina Central University-the logical next step. However, her heart wasn’t in it. Slade eventually signed up for a cosmetology program at Carolina Beauty College in Durham. That was where she belonged, she thought. She felt at home among the bobs and braids, the chemistry of coloring and the weaves and wigs.

She has worked in the hair care industry for 16 years and has owned her own salon for four years. She is serious about her craft and her business. Accordingly, Slade is also concerned about the industry and the seeming increase in the lack of respect for the profession. “The industry is suffering due to the economy and the internet. You Tube videos show people how to do this and that and people are trying it on their own, but nobody is telling them how to care for their specific hair,” she says.

Believe it or not she says, “There is a science to what we do and there are some of us who are really concerned about healthy hair and maintaining it so that in your teens and twenties you are fly and still have hair in your forties and fifties.” Slade says she sees the need for hair care instruction on a daily basis. She is noticing there are women who are having hair issues from constant weaves and ponytails and using glue. They are all fine to use but she says it just shouldn’t be done on a daily basis. There are women in their forties and fifties, she says, with thinning hair due to improper care when they were younger. “Don’t get me wrong, I love weave, but it’s better to wear the weave because you want to verses because you have to.”

Consequently, Slade is trying to get more women back into the salon. It has become somewhat of her mission. A mission she believes could not only insure all stylist’s job security but it could also provide the tender loving care many women need who are suffering from hair loss and other debilitating hair issues. Not to mention it would bring back “beauty shop bonding”. She wants ladies to get excited about the salon experience again.

“There is a little excitement about salons with all the reality shows, but a lot of it includes too much drama,” she says. “We want people to know there are still salons with no drama and plenty of professionalism.” The Simply Beautiful hair team quips they should have a reality show, but Slade says the fact of the matter is they would never make it; they don’t have anything over the top going on. They maintain a drama-free, laid back, inviting and professional atmosphere. Each stylist brings her very own flavor and specialization to the table. From locks and twists to sew ins and children’s hair, Simply Beautiful has it all covered.
Slade recalls the days when women went to the salon because they knew the beautician would take care of them. The stylist was always aware of the client’s hair care needs and made appropriate and timely recommendations. Friendships were formed and good-humored fun and laughter was something the client could expect. At the end of the experience the next appointment was booked and the client anticipated her return.
Yes times have changed and technology has opened the door for more information than ever before, but Slade believes it will never replace the need for human interaction and expert, personalized consultation; which is why the Simply Beautiful hair care team is sponsoring a community healthy hair event.
On November 11, the group of stylists will host a hair show; but it won’t be the typical hair show. The event will be all about the community. The focus will be on healthy hair while providing realistic tips and styles for everyday care and maintenance. There will be something for everyone. Chic, trendy, corporate, church, natural and fantasy. The community will be able to see how to have healthy hair in person. They can ask questions, even meet the stylists and perhaps arrange consultations. As cosmetologists, the team believes it is their responsibility to educate their clients and watch over their crown and glory.

Slade is looking to the future and making plans to expand into a full service salon and spa. She already sells retail products in the salon and new services are constantly being added. In the meantime, she is consistently encouraging women to take the time to keep their hair healthy and make time for themselves. Get back into the salon, she says. Find someone who will properly care for your hair. Whomever you go to, support your stylist.

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