Has Your Purpose Changed Its Address?

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2019
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

The journey of a dreamer can be rewarding and often times very exhaustive. There are many ups and downs, as well as twists and turns that can slow you down or speed things up. For myself, and I imagine it being the same for others, is the challenge of knowing what street to drive upon, knowing when to park, and knowing the right time to get things moving again.

Nothing ever stays the same in life, for they are always changing, some for good and others for the bad. I think God purposely gave the world a sense of change so that we would could experience the beauty of his creations, at different times and from different perspectives, never to be complacent. This principle also applies to our purpose in life.

Our destiny has but one final destination, though the route to get there is never the same and will change. Many methods and techniques that worked on yesterday may not do the trick on today. Resources and connections will run dry and be disconnected. What once provided nourishment may possibly sicken you. Instinctively we sometimes panic during these situations, but we must not waste away there. I have learned to realize the reason for my dysfunction isn’t always my fault, but rather it’s evidence that my work at that moment is complete, and my purpose has changed it address.

God loves me and this I know. If He didn’t, I wouldn’t have purpose. His navigational system has never misguided me into a traffic jam of despair. So, when my purpose relocates, I seek God for directions to find it. If I am connected to God, it’s not too hard to locate it. My race can’t be won by me constantly running in the same place, and the rewards that life offers can’t be redeemed if I fail to arrive at the next stop for my purpose.

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