Heavenly Sweets by Denise, LLC

by Terry Watson | September 11th, 2012
Heavenly Sweets by Denise, LLC

Denise Harvey (Photo by Emmanuel Cole)

Denise Harvey says that she didn’t start her business Heavenly Sweets by Denise, LLC — it actually started her. Her husband, Wilbur Harvey always encouraged her to open her own shop, because he truly believed in her, and also her biggest supporter and critic.

“I have always enjoyed creating things. It has been a passion of mine to create things with my hands ever since I was in junior high school,” she says. Initially, she wanted to open a boutique that would feed her desire of becoming a fashion model. “I had a passion for clothes. I loved designing and creating them,” she says. That passion for creating would eventually evolve into crafting. Soon she was sewing clothes for herself, her family, and others. She also began making gift baskets before arriving at her new love of creating food.

In 2009, Harvey officially began operations of her company, even before coming up with a name for it. “Heavenly Sweets” is a reflection of what her creations is all about. Sweet treats that are different and great tasting. “I strived for perfection in the taste of whatever I created,” she says. “Heavenly foods, because Heaven is perfect. I naturally called my baked creations Heavenly Sweets because I want to always please God and my husband. I was never satisfied with just an “okay” tasting cake. I wanted it to curl your toes and give you goose bumps at just the thought.”

Heavenly Sweets is a Raleigh based Custom Bakery, where the cake of your dreams is brought to life and baked with Love. “At Heavenly Sweets we feel our Heavenly Sweets are beautiful and delicious, and we are certain that your mind and taste buds will be blown away!”

Harvey reflects back to when her family was living in Germany and her son was in the 6th grade. She made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for him to take to school for his personal enjoyment. “I was at work and received a call from his school principal who asked me if I had baked some cookies. Puzzled, I said yes, then he preceded to tell me about my son ready and willing to fight an older kid who was much bigger than my son because the boy had taken my son’s cookies,” says Harvey. This was confirmation that she was on to something good. “I couldn’t believe that my son would go through all of that for my cookies, when he could have gotten more once he got home” she says. She has even named a cookie after her pastor. Called the “JJ Wilkins”, it’s an oatmeal raisin cookie with pecans and walnuts.

Eventually her passion grew to baking cakes. She made her first Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting with unfavorable results. ‘It was leaning and it was cracked but I took it to church any way for a church fellowship. Twelve years later Red velvet is still one of my biggest selling flavors,” she states.

Harvey is inspired by love. She says there is no better feeling than to see the expression on some ones’ face when they taste all the love she has baked into her creation. “You know how you felt when your grandmother or mother would bake a special dessert. The one that would take your breath away with the first bite. Those are the moments that I try to recreate for all of my clients,” she says.

The cost of her baked goods differs from person to person and are just as customized as the creation she bakes. It also depends on how many people you are feeding and if the client requires delivery and set up. “We offer one of a kind, individually unique custom creations. Our products are not only appealing to the eye but pleasing to the taste,” she says. “People always ask us how many flavors we have and the answer is always the same ‘any’”. Harvey says she doesn’t put a number on her flavors because she believes her capabilities are limitless.

Heavenly Sweets offers a line of cupcakes called Smiles, Sweet Buffet, Customized Cakes, and cookies. Cupcake Smiles is available in three sizes: Smile (Jumbo set of 6), Grins (Regular set of 12), and Smirks (Mini Me set of 24). The Sweet Buffet consists of a variety of desserts. It is customized with the color scheme of any clients event. Cookies are available in ten regular flavors including Harveys biggest seller, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing. Cookies are sold by the dozen. Deliveries are available as Harvey has even traveled to Savannah, Georgia to satisfy her growing customer base.

Harvey says she expects Heavenly Sweets to continue to prosper as she will continue to follow Gods lead and seek him for guidance. “I am my own worst critic which makes me somewhat a perfectionist. I look at some creations that everyone thinks are great and I still see more that I can do to make it better.,” she says. “You never know when God will call you to do something that’s why it is important to listen to his voice. Grace is available for anybody who has faith.”

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