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by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018

Joceyln Lynch is a purpose and business cultivator, business owner, entrepreneur, and mother. She wears many hats but is most proud of being a mom and an entrepreneur.

She was born and raised in Richmond, VA, and is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. She is currently completing course work for her Master of Arts at Liberty University. Music, reading and prayer fuels her days, while family and solid friendships help keep her grounded, encouraged and loved.

As the owner of EWS Consulting & Strategies, LLC Consulting Services, Lynch offers courses, eBooks, journals, and apparel. Soon, she will launch Purposed Discussions, a monthly virtual meetup for women who are striving to break barriers in their personal and professional lives.

Lynch knew she had a purpose in her life. To find it, she started to research business and purpose in 2015. “I knew that there was more to life than the space I occupied at my tiny cube at work. I decided after watching many Periscopes, attending webinars, listening and reading about passive income that it was time to push forward,” she says. “You know that feeling you get when you are nervous and excited all at the same time but you aren’t sure why or for what. That was me in September of that same year. I decided it was time to launch my website, www.heyjocey.com.” She did on January 1, 2016.

It began as a journey into empowerment, restoration, and leadership. She had no clue on how she would combine all of her ideas, but she was determined. “I read my notes, implemented strategies, cried, gave up and kept pushing. I began blogging because this was the way, right? That’s what all of the online gurus said. It wasn’t comfortable and I began to waiver. I was still doggy paddling around the pool of online entrepreneurship. I still knew purpose existed and someone needed my help. I knew for certain someone needed my help,” she says.

Confirmation came when she was approached by a co-worker who needed help with her business. She remembered Lynch had previously had a non-profit business and she wanted her help with establishing a (for-profit) business. Lynch says it was different but thrilling, and she was finally in her groove.

EWS Consulting & Strategies, LLC was launched in 2016, three months after her grandmother, Edna Willnette Saunders died. EWS is an ode to her. Lynch is often encouraged by her grandparents, who were hard workers and taught her the true meaning of the hustle. “My grandparents were amazing people. My maternal grandparents really helped my foundation of life and influenced my values and morals. They were both ministers and taught me about faith, compassion, and strength. I was the grandchild you saw hanging with her grandparents, running to church conferences just so I could sit with them. Little did I know that I was being molded with the attributes and values,” she confesses. Her mom and dad gave balance while growing up. “My dad held me accountable while my mom cheered for me. I’m where I am today because of the solid family values they instilled in me,” says Lynch.

For others who are striving to do some of the things Lynch has done, she offers some sound advice. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ll know the difference in your comfort levels and if it’s not in alignment with your purpose, it’s time to level up. Start your day with prayer and ask for clarity, understanding, and compassion. Make time for family and don’t fall for the hype you see on the internet. There are good days and scary days but with focus you can push through and achieve much. Also, let go of perfection because you aren’t going to be perfect starting out the gate and you won’t be perfect later. Be open to receive and open to give and know your story, be thankful for your story and accept your story, it’s your story and someone needs to hear it,” she says.

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