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by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Tasha Edwards

Tasha Edwards

Do you want to get fit? If so, the Hip Healthy Chick can help.

Tasha Edwards of Huntsville, AL is the brains of Hip Healthy Chick, a fitness and wellness program that encourages and educates individuals on how live a healthy and fit life. She describes herself as a movement fanatic, dancer, reader, dreamer, mom, wife, daughter, and friend. She also has nearly 20 years of coaching and counseling experience, and has been working in the fitness industry for close to 14 years.

As a child she shares her desire to be a lawyer, an artist, and writer. She even thought about being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Soul Train dancer.
A native of Chicago, she shares the reasons why she launched her fitness program. Though the end result may seem wonderful, she has endured a few challenges to get things in order.

“I spent $60,000 on obtaining two degrees, only to find out that I didn’t really want a career in social service or be a counselor. I faced obstacle after obstacle and things were looking very dismal at times. In 2004, we lost our house, filed for bankruptcy, and later moved to Alabama. Soon, I took a job at a local gym selling memberships to motivate me to keep getting back in shape after having a baby, and also as a means to help pay for the cost of daycare. Everything else just bloomed from there,” she says.

“Hip Healthy Chick was my way of creating a brand that felt personal and relatable to people. The word ‘Hip’ actually doesn’t mean cool, but in the case of my program, some looked at it that way and found my style to be fresh and accessible. Hip actually stands for (Holistic Intuitive and on Purpose),” she said.

Some of the services offered by Hip Healthy Chick are Personal Training (individual and small group), Health Coaching (virtual as well), Corporate Wellness (speaking, coaching and classes), Onsite Fitness Services (classes tailored specifically for your special event/participants), and Hip Healthy Workshops (healthy eating, healthy bodies, healthy thoughts, healthy living on purpose). There is also Me Complete (Health and Wellness Workshops for Teen Girls), and CR-BOT (A six week camp for those who are ready to get back on it). Tasha has also incorporated other tools such as Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, and Zumba.

Tasha says what she loves most about her business is the opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. “People trust me with their stories, their desires, and their frustrations. I get to ride in the passenger seat of their journey and help them navigate their specific path. I also get to watch people change every day, and seeing them move differently because of new confidence and feeling is beautiful,” she says.

Tasha says she mostly inspired by her kids to do what she does. She also finds inspiration in the sense of sense of community after knowing what it was like to be excluded from so many things in life. “Most importantly, I would like for my dreams and work to outlive me,” she says.

Her life has been greatly impacted by her families history and her determination to change that for her children. “We have lots of ailments and conditions. I wanted to avoid all of the medicines and the physical issues. I wanted to be able to run and be active with my children. I know people struggle with what they’ve always known and how they have been raised. That is why I focus not just on sweat, calorie burn, and reps but also digging deep to reveal the stories that impact the way we live, move, breathe, hoping to create a new narrative,” she says.

Tasha hopes that her efforts to help other live better will have a lasting existence. Even more, she offers some advice to other prospective fitness experts. “Treat yourself as your first client and while learning other people, try to learn the technical stuff also. Become a part of the communities you want to assist and find what your spark is and go in that direction. The more authentic you are, the more authentic your work will be,” she says.

Her future plans are to simply ‘keep at it’. “I would love to open a free holistic health center one day and offer services that others need but cannot afford. No one should have to be sick simply because they don’t have resources. I’d also like Oprah Winfrey to interview me and I would love to work out with Michelle Obama,” Tasha shared.

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