Hip Hop J.A.M.M.S

Nia Smith | July 16th, 2012
Hip Hop J.A.M.M.S

V.B. Still (Photo by VB Still)

On August 4 and 5, VB Still and Marty B will host the 2nd Annual Hip-Hop Community J.A.A.M.S. (Joining Athletes, Artists and Musicians for our Schools and Communities) at Aggie Park at 1 p.m. This event will give youth the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of the hip-hop culture, fun, entertainment and education.

Vonda Sampson a.k.a. VB Still, a poet, educator, mother and most of all a woman of her community, started this event last year with the purpose of showcasing the hip-hop culture into a positive light. “So many people look at hip-hop as negative because they associate it with rap music however they are two totally different things,” explains VB Still. “Hip-hop in its originality is positive music that uplifts the community, while rap music is usually secular music over a good beat.”

For more than 20 years, VB Still has been in the music industry in some way shape or form and has a deep love for the culture. This love is shared by her son, Marty B who has found his own way into the hip-hop community as well. When her son started to work on his music she realized how effective hip-hop could be if used as a tool to reach our youth in a positive way.

“You have to meet youth at what they love and young people love hip-hop—they love music,” said VB Still. For the past 10 years, VB Still has managed and guided her son’s career along with being a youth mentor; which gives her the perfect credentials to produce this hip-hop community event. Not only will this event feature the community’s best musicians and artists, she also makes it a point to incorporate athletes—another way to broaden her reach to today’s youth.

This year’s Hip-Hop Community J.A.A.M.S. has partnered with The Carolina Cheetahs ABA, the triad’s professional basketball team, I Am A Queen’s Back to School Drive and Rock Roots Productions to support and encourage positivity in our young people.

This year’s entertainment list is jammed pack with artist and legends such as Roland Jones, Carolina artist J. Gunn, Up Right Lions, Dav Baynga, Qwan Ali, Jojo III, Kyss n Rem, Dj Ena Pop, DMR, Mister Hinez and so much more.

Admission for this event is $10.00 or $15.00 for two days. Tickets are available at Paradise Restaurant located at 2006 Randleman Road, Greensboro, N.C.

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