How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Summer Time Job Opportunities

Candance Morton | July 21st, 2016

Attny Candance Morton (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

During this time of year many teens, youths and young adults are extended the opportunity to work either seasonal or part time jobs. Whether you are a teen or adult and employed permanently or temporarily consider the following three scenarios below:

Imagine a teenager working her first job at a fast food restaurant. The teenager has been working at the restaurant long enough to be assigned to the counter where she is responsible for taking orders, collecting the money for the orders and maintaining her cash register. All of a sudden in walks a person that the young lady has had a crush on for a while, an individual that she wants to impress very badly. The individual walks right up to the register that the teenager is working. In a split second the teen decides that she will impress the customer that she is serving by giving him a free meal. The teen worker makes this decision without getting authorization or permission from her boss.

Next imagine a second scenario, a teen worker hired to work at a retail shop at the mall. The teen’s best friend walks into the store and wants to purchase an expensive outfit but does not have enough money to purchase all of the items. The teen worker knows that her best friend does not have all of the money to purchase the items so instead of ringing up all of the items, the teen worker decides to ring up some of the items and just put the other items in her best friend’s bag free of charge. The teen worker makes the decision to give the clothes to her best friend free of charge without getting permission from the store owner.

Finally, imagine a scenario where a recently employed teen or young adult is strapped for cash but will not receive his first pay check for two weeks. Unfortunately, the teen worker has already spent his last dime but needs just a few dollars to pay for gas to get back and forth to work until he gets paid. The teen decides to take a few dollars out of his register to hold him over until he gets paid. The teen justifies his actions by telling himself he needs this money to get back and forth to work and this is a big corporation no one will miss that small amount of money.

In all three of the above scenarios some form of larceny or theft has occurred against the employer. As a result, the individuals that were involved can be charged with a very serious crime. In some cases the collateral consequences that flow from the individuals choices in the above scenarios can have a negative impact on future living accommodations, job and education opportunities.

The scenarios above are created to inform our youth and challenge them to think about their choices before they make them in an effort to help them to avoid the criminal justice system and its pitfalls entirely. If you are someone you know find yourself in the above situations and need legal advice, please do not hesitate to call our office.

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