Huami Magazine Community Cookout

by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Huami Magazine Community Cookout

Huami Magazine Community Cookout (Photo by Terri Johnson)

We have to do it again—God blessed us on Saturday, June 16 with beautiful weather and a great atmosphere. It was such a great experience for everyone involved. There was so much food, so many people and a wonderful time. The first Huami Magazine Community Cookout was a huge success. Alana Allen, Deputy Editor for Huami Magazine said it best. We all contributed for one cause, to give back to our community with selfless acts and compassion.

The cookout was a free event for anyone who wanted to enjoy a family-fun filled day at the park in downtown Greensboro. We had great music thanks to Duncan Butler, Agape Muzic, Douglas Willett, Signature Soundz, Justin the Beloved and Bryce of Destiny Christian Center in Greensboro. The master of ceremony DJ Big Boi came through in a big way by keeping the audience’s attention with his skillful techniques. What is a cookout with a grill master? Dave Hughes didn’t miss a beat and kept the flames jumping and hotdogs smoking.

Most importantly, this event could have never happened without the sponsors and volunteers. The volunteers who filled every gap from attending the inflatable jumpers, serving snow cones, serving food and more. The volunteers made the difference. This event showcased the love that so many of us have for others in our community. There is no way we could have fed nearly 800 people without them.

A special thank you is given to Deon Garner for showing up at 7:00am to set up the Inflatables and Banners. He was “Mr. Everything” and very dependable. I really thank Pamela Green and Albany Jones for painting the faces of so many children. We also thank Tonya Dixon and Abbria McWhite for stepping in and serving so many. James T. Chandler of JT Financial Services says he saw the need on my face for help and jumped in without being asked to help. James is a great guy with a huge heart. Donevan Cherry of Cherveli Media came to help and also brought others with him. He is always lending a helping hand out to his community.

Tanika and Colin Harris were life savers. When the food began to run short, they stepped in and provided more. That is what made this event so great. We were able to feed so many and produce a festive atmosphere all by contributing our time and resources for the good of others. I thank God for everyone and I confess that Huami Magazine didn’t do anymore than the others involved. We are making a difference in our community.

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