Imani’s Fusion Cafe

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2016

IMG_0141Nestled away in a casually and convenient part of Charlotte, is Imani’s Fusion Cafe Chef. Their “fusion” style or cooking combines ethnic spices with soulful dishes. They are for the individual who desires delectable entrees, but can also withstand the excitement and magic that owner, Chef Imani Colclough is creating.

“My roots run deep in the south because of my heritage,” says the Chef. His interest in food comes from a family, known for their soulful dishes and decadent desserts. As a child, he lived for Sunday dinners and holiday feasts. Years later, he started improvising family recipes for his own soulful culinary creations.

He is originally from Baltimore Maryland, which he says influenced his appreciation for seafood and southern cuisine. He has traveled to countries outside of the United States and discovered some incredible dishes that allowed him to develop an appreciation of foods from other cultures. “I grew up watching my mother and grandmother host family gatherings, events and festivals, so special events and catering came to me second nature,”says Imani. At his cafe, they coined the phrase “Southern Fusion” aka “Southern Cuisine with a Twist” which simply means they take Classic Southern food and combine it with ethnic spices. “Our one goal here at Imani’s Fusion Cafe is to create dishes that excite the palate and soothe the soul,” he says.
Imani’s Fusion Cafe opened four years ago after setting the stage for several years by providing catering services for weddings, corporate affairs and other special events. They offer a full, personalized menu creation, decor, rental management and consultation, layout and event design, vendor coordination and recommendations, transportation/logistic management, a professional service staff, private dining, private cooking classes, and meal preparation.

Foodservice alone, is a very challenging experience. Imani seems to unphased and even rises to each occasion. “My parents have always pushed me. I also grew up in the presence of some of the greatest cooks I have yet to see matched by anyone,” he says.
Opening the cafe, Imani says has opened doors for him as well. He has won the hearts and food palate of his many customers and credits them with his success. “Without them, there would be no Imani’s Fusion Cafe. I met some of the greatest people here and I love making them happy with delicious food,” he says.

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