It Couldn’t Be Done Without You

by Terry Watson | January 17th, 2017
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

God has surely been good to Huami Magazine. It is now 2017 and we are blessed to be able to celebrate 10 years of existence. What started as an quiet and personal conversation with God nearly 20 years ago, has transformed into something that even makes my mother smile. As this awesome experience has allowed me and the many other individuals and organizations an opportunity to learn and share our stories, it has also reached and inspired others in ways I never dreamed that would happen.

I recall the times while I was trying to get a prototype produced. I didn’t have any experience in the industry of publishing or even advertising for that matter. Still there was something that God had planted way deep down inside of me that had caused me to pursue, inquire, and create. As I moved in one direction, God pulled me in another direction and placed me with the right people at the right times.

I recall the moment when I was trying to design the layout for the prototype. I thought that it was fine. I had taught myself how to use the graphic design software and I was ready to take my idea to the next level. When I took the project to print, there was a young printing professional there who looked at my work and gave me a bit of advice that would change Huami Magazine. He told me to enroll in school and learn the software formally. I did and in no time, everything seemed to come together.

I can even remember the very first person who purchased an advertisement. The business owner told me that they were impressed by passion and desire. I was totally caught off guard because I wasn’t even trying to sell advertisement space at the time, but they insisted on purchasing some and being a part of my first edition. They went on to support Huami Magazine for quite a while and still do even to this edition.

Huami Magazine couldn’t be done without you. I attempted to produce a simple publication that would be a voice in my community, but God has summoned it to be a voice in nine cities of North Carolina. They say we should be careful for what we ask for. I asked God for something to do in 1997, at a time when I was trying to learn who I was. He responded with this. It proves that God truly knows us better than we know ourselves.

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