Jackie Williamson

by Terry Watson | May 13th, 2016
Jackie Williamson (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Jackie Williamson (Photos by Howard Gaither)

Having worked in the banking industry for more than 28 years, it would seem logical that if Jackie B. Williamson ever wanted to expand her own brand into another area, she would branch out into the same field. But that’s just not her style. Logic isn’t the only thing that drives her actions. She is just as sensitive and led by her passions.

For Williamson her true passion belongs to helping others feel better, particularly through massage. A few years ago she decided becoming a massage therapist would fulfill her dreams. By her own admission she’s had an undercover and nearly undiscovered passion for it for years, but only recently decided to fully pursue it.

“I was intrigued in high school. I used to dance and because it’s so physical I learned how to massage myself and even the other dancers and that’s really how I got into it. So over the years I set plans and goals and it has come to pass,” said Williamson.

But for Williamson the satisfaction comes more from helping others than herself. With a master’s degree in health administration education she knew she would end up in the health field helping others in some capacity. With massage therapy she is covering all bases.

“I’ve always been interested and I figured I could combine my master’s degree with massage (therapy),” she said. “It’s just the fact that I’m helping someone. A person can have a tension headache and I can help them release that tension. If they experience pain, stiffness or circulation issues or they have a bad day and just need relaxation, free time or to be energized. I feel like I provide that type of service. Massage is good for all of that.”

Having fast tracked through the accelerated program at the Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro, North Carolina, Williamson is fully licensed and certified for massage and bodywork therapy. Her clients originate from every walk of life, from business professionals to athletes and even to expectant mothers. According to Williamson various massage techniques have also been used as calming methods for the mentally impaired, hyperactive or infants. She says the benefits of massage are much more wide-ranging than most people would ever consider. Furthermore, the knowledge base that a therapist is required to maintain is quite impressive and extensive.

“I had to learn anatomy, which was hard, and just simply how the body works. I had to learn about all the systems in the body such as the nervous system and all the other systems. It’s on the medical side because you have to really talk to people and find out what’s going on in their bodies and that way you devise a (treatment) plan with different massage touches and techniques,” she said. “People might think it’s just their back, but it could have a different origin, it could be coming from their feet. If you’re standing all day, that pain may be going from your feet up your leg to your back. We learn about different pain spots in different areas. That’s why it’s so intriguing, because you can just go in so many different ways. It’s amazing to see a tense muscle being released by a specific massage technique and then to see a person feeling better is great.”

Williamson’s office space is located at Massage at the Club Spa in Greensboro. She is able to offer the latest in massage and bodywork techniques including therapeutic massages such as deep tissue, which she notes doesn’t have to hurt as some people usually assume, Swedish, trigger point therapy, and Myofascial Release. For those areas that require extra attention, a hot stone massage is available as well. The technique uses heated basalt rocks, known for their heat retention properties, to relax and massage sore muscles. The stones can be used for their heat alone, or as massage tools used in combination with Swedish and deep tissue massage for complete relaxation and therapeutic results. Additionally, she uses hot towels, hydrotherapy, reflexology and range of motion to get the best results possible.

Clients are able to book online and receive text message alert reminders for their appointments that can range from 30 – 90 minutes.
Required to consistently grow and expand her skills through continuing education classes in massage therapy, Williamson is always learning new techniques such as Bamboo Infusion, which utilizes bamboo sticks in the massage, and teaching common wellness. She incorporates stretching, trigger point release, and breathing techniques in her massage sessions to help reduce stress, decrease pain and swelling, as well as improve circulation and enhance relaxation.

Williamson is very active in her community and has great passion and excitement when it comes to helping people at work, school, and her church where she has been a lifetime member and leader. She regularly participates in health fairs and awareness events. Her love for helping others is what is fueling her next move, which she is already working towards.

“Once I’ve been a massage therapist for over two years and acquired a certain amount of hours I’m eligible to teach classes. My future goal is to instruct as well,” she said. With a skill set that is so viable, necessary and in high demand there’s no doubt Williamson will meet every goal she sets.

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