Jalisa Ranae

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2020
Jalisa Ranae

Jalisa Ranae

Jalisa Ranea of Nashville, TN is the owner and founder of Goal Babe LLC. She has built her brand and business around helping others to establish goals for themselves and to understand the importance of having them. “We understand that each woman is uniquely different and we want to celebrate those differences. The Goal Babe brand is a lifestyle, a continuous journey. Each day is another opportunity to accomplish one more goal, or simply taking another step in the right direction; we’re here to encourage you. Being a Goal Babe is about building a community where women can come together to support, inspire, and encourage,” Jalisa shares.

Jalisa is a mother, friend, sister, and all around business woman. She is also ambitious, and highly blessed. “I am a true ‘Goal Babe’. I am originally from Lansing, MI, but moved around my entire life. In doing so, that afforded me with the opportunity to explore and experience a lot of different things,” she shares.

Being a mother of three, Jalisa shares that is her most favorite role outside of being a businesswoman.

“The idea of Goal Babe actually was a vision given to me by God. I established my business in March 2020 by launching my flagship product and explaining what it is I do for women. God wants me to help women reach their higher selves. What better way to do that than with goal setting? Goal Babe was started to help women achieve their goals,” she shares.

One of the primary objectives of Goal Babe is to provide resources for women who have the desire to achieve their goals. One of its products, “A total guide to becoming a GOAL BABE” is a journal that has helped women remain accountable while remaining focused and encouraged. There is also a free, seven day mini journal that tackles positive mindfulness specifically. There is a newly launched coaching program that is created for women who may need some additional one on one support.

The opportunity to connect with other women like herself is what Jalisa says she loves most about her business. “I want for everyone that I connect with to become successful. It brings me so much joy and happiness when women tell me how one of my products helped them towards achieving their goal. That is confirmation that my efforts are working,” she shared.

Moving forward, Jalisa focus for Goal Babe is to plan events and produce more products. Her goal is to eventually travel the world and mentor other women and help them to become Goal Babes.

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