Jamal Hutchinson

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Jamal Hutchinson

Jamal Hutchinson

Jamal Hutchinson of Nashville is a humble and respected man of God. He is a man with influence and connected to resources in the Nashville community. He is a husband and father of five children. He is a mentor, entrepreneur, and educator. Jamal is also a yoga instructor and financial educator.

Some of the businesses Jamal manages are J and J Planning Network, Yoga With Professa, and Beats and Yoga. J & J Planning Network Planning offers a leadership development program to train people how to develop a business around financial education. They provide a free financial education for individuals and businesses. “We help people become entrepreneurs in our industry and offer wealth building strategies for now and beyond, all for free. We help people protect their money from loss. Our services are geared for people who want a tax-free retirement, protection on their assets, and individuals looking to start a new career and become financially free. Our vision is to inspire, empower, and provide one million people through North America with a financial education and strategies that will help individuals, families, and businesses prosper, grow, and make a positive impact in the world,” he says.

Yoga With Professa, and Beats and Yoga offers individual, private and group class instruction. It specializes in servicing those who desire to learn how to live a holistic lifestyle, be more mindful, and seek an alternative way to work out. The goal of Beats and Yoga is to make yoga more accessible to the community by combining urban music and yoga at various locations. “We want to promote small business through our vendor section. Beats & Yoga provides the opportunity for people to have a good time with friends while practicing yoga,” Jamal says. A Yoga With Professa t-shirt line is in development.

All of his businesses came out of a personal need. J & J Planning Network was manifested from the need and desire to become financially free. Jamal started in January 2016. At the time he had experienced a couple of layoffs. His job in higher education did not provide any room for growth for his salary and personal development. Becoming an entrepreneur in the same industry unlocked doors for personal development and leadership development. Now, he can control his time and income.

Yoga With Professa began after he completed his teacher training in November 2014. He wanted to offer private and group lessons to individuals, nonprofits, and business as a way for people to learn how to practice meditation, learn techniques to destress, use yoga as an alternative for working out, and to practice mindfulness.

Beats & Yoga began last October. In April of the same year, Jamal says the thought was to conduct trap yoga events. “I didn’t want to do the venture by myself, so I talked to my friends Tyra, who runs a concierge service, and Eric, who is a DJ. We discussed the idea of combining urban music and yoga together,” he said.
Jamals’ businesses are in line with his three pillars of life; education, health, and wealth. “I love that I have the ability to help people with being mindful about their minds, body, soul, and money. I also love to help people reach their goals,” he says.

Some of the challenges he faces are that he is still a 75% self-employed, and 25% business owner. Other challenges he faces are getting the message of his business out to massive amounts of people, balancing work, family, and life, and maximizing his time to learn the best way to develop leaders.

In the future, Jamal hopes that his businesses will become a household name. He also hopes to become better at his craft and inspire people to live their dreams to the fullest. He hopes to create content to explain concepts about his business and the journey of entrepreneurship.

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