Jamal’s Pure Sexy Salon & Boutique

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | September 16th, 2016
Jamal Hunter (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Jamal Hunter (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

When you first see the name, you will probably think the obvious … sex! But if you venture beyond the title, Jamal’s Pure Sexy Salon & Boutique, you will realize that you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and you can’t solely judge a business by its name. Jamal Hunter, owner and operator of Jamal’s Pure Sexy Salon & Boutique is a man rooted in faith. “You can not succeed without God in your life,” says the believer. His faith in God has always been strong and there is no question on how he arrived where he is today. The proud 42-year-old credits God, his strength, and his mother who is also the General Manager of his business, for inspiring him to become a business owner.

The Anchorage, Alaska native has always styled hair, starting with his own. As an adolescent in middle school, he picked up a pair of clippers and took to his own mane after a botched cut from his mother. Since that moment, no one else has trimmed a hair on his head. Years later as a teen, his amateur barbering skills were tight enough for someone to notice that there was talent waiting to be discovered. He was soon working with professional barbers who became his mentors at a Denver, Colorado barbershop, honing the skills he needed to make a living. For more than ten years thereafter, Hunter explored different cities and worked at different barbershops, but as fate would have it, he always returned to the shop in Denver where he served his apprenticeship. “The owner always had a space for me when I came back, but working in different shops and being around other barbers motivated me to refine my craft,” says Hunter. He decided, after years of apprenticeship, to become a licensed barber.

Taking the step to attend barber school was a major decision for Hunter, but he knew it was the only way he could move to the next level in his career. In 2011, he applied to a program and after being accepted, learned that the person he expected to be his instructor had recently resigned. Hunter thought his dream of obtaining his license was crushed until the Admissions Counselor persuaded him to apply for the Cosmetology Program. “She told me that women would love for me to do their hair! But I initially didn’t think it was right for me. However, she convinced me to try it and I was in a class with 46 women. I ended up learning so much more than I ever expected,” he says. Later he landed a job as a barber with a well known Denver hair salon that also sold a large amount of hair and hair products. “The facility initially was a skating rink, so it was huge. And it received so much business, it was almost like a nightclub. The entire time I worked at this hair salon, in my mind I was creating my own business. I was psychologically projecting myself to where I am today,” says Hunter.

His Mother chimed in, “Tell them about the name, and how you came up with it.” He shares a brief story about his days in the Denver hair salon when customers would almost magically transform as they walked out the door with their new hairstyles. “When you add our flawless hair extensions to a woman’s head she transforms. She leaves our salon glowing! Our definition of sexy is intelligent, confident and classy and that’s what we mean by pure sexy,” he explains.
Unfortunately, during the same year, Hunter encountered a traumatic experience that would change the course of his life forever. He was a victim of police brutality. After that incident, he expressed a heightened sense of faith in God and believes he was richly blessed to move forward with his plan to create his business for the community. When asked about his journey, it is difficult for the salon owner to hold back his tears. He explains how he hasn’t always made the best decisions, but he is now living his life for God. “I decided to obey God. He told me that if I served Him, He would stand me on my feet. And since that exact moment, I’ve kept my end of the bargain and He hasn’t let me down,” he says.

As a Charlotte Community Partner, he hosts an Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway. This year he is looking forward to touching even more families in their time of need. Feeding families and giving back to the community has been the highlight of his experience as a local businessman. It is obvious that Hunter is passionate about God and his faith, but he is also very passionate about his business. “This business affects women in our community in a positive way, and I take pride in that,” he says. Like many local business owners, Hunter feels an overwhelming need to keep the revenue flowing in our community. He says, “Let your dollars pass through the hands of the people in our community two or three times before it leaves. Have a plan, and follow through with that plan. Dream Big!”
In his first year of business, Jamal’s Pure Sexy Salon & Boutique was the 2016 Queen City Beauty Professions Award Winner for the Best Hair Salon in Charlotte. Hunter has big plans for Jamal’s Pure Sexy Salon & Boutique and is looking to the future where he hopes to continue to build his team and expand his brand of flawless human hair extensions and haircare products. Hunter takes great pride in knowing that he is the first African American man to have his name on a dry weave product. Currently he is transitioning to a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon to expand his services to a more diverse clientele. With a wink and a smile, Hunter emphasizes, “I am invested in this. It’s my life, and I’m all in. With the Lord’s help, this will not fail.”

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