James Harris

by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018
James Harris (Photo by Jesse Humphrey)

James Harris (Photo by Jesse Humphrey)

James Harris of Richmond, VA is a follower of Christ. He is a also a father who believes generational wealth is important, not just from a monetary view but from a principle of sound leadership. He is a graduate student at South University where he is seeking a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He also has aspirations to become licensed, start a private practice and open a veteran home that will assist the inner-city community with combating mental illnesses and misdiagnosis.

Harris is also a multi- business owner, multi property owner and a co-founder of United Black Business Group, a non-profit organization and hub where local entrepreneurs and patrons can find local black businesses with quality services. He is a community activist who believes in being a voice for people who have been silenced. Additionally, he is a military veteran with eight years of service served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As an entrepreneur, Harris operates Royalty Carpet Care LLC and Royalty Elite Transportation. Royalty Carpet Care LLC is a local carpet cleaning company with an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). His services include carpet cleaning, stain removal and upholstery cleaning. Royalty Elite Trans is a party bus and transportation company with services for wedding parties, Christmas Light Tours, teen parties, wine tours, casino trips, and more. His investments include Brewer’s Café and Roney and Son Towing, and a few others.

“I had my first house built at age 22 while on leave from my Iraq deployment. While my fellow soldiers were buying things that would depreciate, like jewelry, bikes, clothes and cars, I had a bigger goal to start my road to financial freedom. From there, I had a plan to buy a property every five years, invest or start a business,” he says. He has done all of the above.

Royalty Carpet Care was started for his brother, who is a felon and couldn’t obtain stable employment. “I had this theory to start a business for him. Little did I know that my insurance and bond wouldn’t allow him to work in the company I started,” he says.

Royalty Elite Trans was started out of luck. He was test driving a Porsche Panamera and was set on this being his next vehicle purchase. “After my test drive was complete, I look over and see this old, rusted bus with potential to transport people in the inner side to the outside part of town and more. I asked to test drive it but to my surprise it was just a shell. I thought about the deprecation that would come with the purchase of the Porsche and saw the potential of the bus purchase. I bought the bus and the rest is history,” he says.

As a child, Harris was a ward of the state and raised in a foster homes. He emancipated himself at the age of 16. “I recall sitting on the edge of the bed in the group home saying one day I am going to own 100 houses and 100 business and employ my friends and people who can’t get a job. That’s still my goal,” he says. It is clear that Harris is hard at work to make that goal a reality.

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