James Speight of The Malachi House 2

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2014
James and Constance Speight

James and Constance Speight (photo by James Speight)

Originally from Wilson, North Carolina, James Speight has called many places home. He studied at UNC Chapel Hill and later moved to Washington, D.C. That is where he was first introduced to powder cocaine. His addiction grew and Speight soon found himself working in corporate America, married with a child, and strung out on crack cocaine. “I remember one night after being out on a three day binge, coming home at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning and looking for a check that I knew I had there. As I was rambling around in the house, my previous wife heard me and tried to talk me out of going back out but all I wanted to do was to get that check and go get high again. My ten year old daughter then awoke and begged me with tears running down her cheeks not to go. But my crack cocaine induced stupor caused me to leave my house with my ten year old daughter crying at the top of the steps,” says Speight. At that point, he realized that he needed help.

In 2000, Speight moved to Greensboro, N.C. He described his situation then as homeless with all of his belongings in a garbage bag. It was then that he learned about Malachi House Inc. “I remember when Pastor Otis Lockett Sr. told me, if God can do it in his life, he can do it in mine,” he says. “First of all it is but by God’s grace and mercy that I am even here today, but of course my wife Constance and children Brencen , Bianca, and Dorian are what I am most grateful for. But I couldn’t make it without the support of my Malachi brothers”.

Malachi House II is a nine month, faith based, mentoring program for men with life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol. Its administration office is located at 3603 Burlington Road, and Intake Dormitory is located at 1517 Barto Place, both in Greensboro, N.C. There is also a Hand Car Wash located at 3602 E. Wendover Avenue. James Speight is the founder of Malachi House II which begin in 2010 from the vision of Malachi House Inc. and the late Bishop Otis Lockett Sr. of Evangel Fellowship Church.

The Malachi House II focuses on sustained recovery, character building, vocational skill training, job – readiness and job search skills. It also collaborates with other agencies to provide their clients with an opportunity to get their GED through Guilford Technical Community College, a fatherhood (Dad’s Program) through Family Services of the Piedmont, and agencies that help with their mental health such as Monarch. They also have a transitional house for men that have graduated and now are either in school or are working in their community.

Malachi House II does has it share of challenges. Due to major cuts in services across the region and state, the demand has increased tremendously for residential care. They are one of the few agencies that provide long term residential care in the region. Funding is always a challenge when it comes to running a non profit agency says Speight. Malachi House II does receive one grant which is from the Cone Health Foundation. They also get support from some of the churches and private donors in the area of which Speight says helps out tremendously.

Malachi House II will be hosting their 4th Annual Silent Auction/Fundraising Banquet on March 28th and 29th. This is their largest fundraiser and is a time when their sponsors, donors, family and friends come together to celebrate recovery and what God is doing in the lives of men and their families. Tickets are $20 dollars to attend and they are asking for everyone to please come out and support them in their efforts of helping to restore the lives of men.

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