Janee Kinnard

by Terry Watson | March 19th, 2020
Janee Kinnard

Janee Kinnard

Janee Kinnard, Nashvillian turned Memphian, is an author, photographer, travel blogger and CEO. For a lack of better words, she can be considered to be an all around “On The Go Boss”. What began as a personal blog (OnTheGoBoss.com) quickly transformed into an online stationary business for her. Her local business OnTheGoPhoto (@OnTheGoPhototn) has been capturing memorable moments across Memphis and surrounding areas since 2017. These photo booth rentals have been featured with The Knot.com, EBL Magazine, Raising Bosses Podcast, Purposely Awakened Magazine and The Memphis Flyer.

Janee is also the author of an educational children’s book for ages 0-6 titled Jay’s Adventures. The series first book was released in September of 2019, and the second book is scheduled to be released December 2020. OnTheGoBrands will be releasing a business and ambassador program scheduled for June 2020. This program tailors to the “we all win as a collective” approach, welcoming all small business owners to take part.

Janee is a strong ambitious and innovative woman. She has the drive and motivation to create avenues for not only herself but for others as well. She is a mother to two boys and a loving wife to her husband Duane. She wears many hats but can always excel in any role.

OnTheGoPhoto, LLC offers photo booth rentals ranging from full length mirror photo booth to smaller personal photo booths. “With our products, you get custom designs for your photo layouts, back drops, and on site printing with most packages,” she says.

Her blog, OnTheGoBoss began as a personal blog. It then blossomed into an online store and then into a multipurpose hub. On the site you can get advice on parenthood, small business Information, travel, and day-to-day life. Her other business, OnTheGoBossVacations is an independent travel agent site that specializes in family fun and business travel packages. Janee has produced vacation packages from Las Vegas, New Orleans, Gatlinburg, Thailand, and China.

“OnTheGoBoss began in 2017 during my down time of my first pregnancy. I was on maternity leave for a few months and had a lot of time on my hands. During maternity leave, I was getting asked a lot of questions about motherhood. Instead of answering a bunch of the same questions on a one-on-one basis, I created OnTheGoBoss. With my new found blog, I was able to answer everyone’s questions in a readable format. From there, I went back to work for about six months and I realized that I was giving way too much of my time to my job, and not to my family. Soon after that, I decided to launch OnTheGoPhotoTn 2018,” she says.

Within six months of operation, she was able to book 22 events, and within the first year, she booked 58 events. OnTheGoPhoto gave Janee the confidence to become a full time business owner. The following year she did however slow down a bit with the arrival of her second son. Being home bound with two kids under two, offered her the opportunity and flexibility to start her traveling business.

Janee shares that she loves the perks that come with being an entrepreneur. “I love the fact that I’m on my own time, I’m doing my own thing, and I’m able to still provide for my family,” she says. She also points out several challenges that comes with entrepreneurship. “There are a lot of ups and downs on the road to steady success. For me, I base my businesses off of quarterly success. That success or failure depends on many factors ranging from the different seasons, marketing, and other personal factors.”

Janee finds inspiration in her family to push and encourage her. She shares how significant the role of her husband has in her life. “I’ve only told him a few times but my husband actually inspires me the most. I’ve watched him take the chance on himself and it gave me the motivation to do so as well. I watched him start from him having the deep desire and passion to do what he does, and then it blossomed. He took the idea early on that he was going to be a real estate broker and has been working towards it ever since. Even going through hurdles along the way, he never let anyone stop him or get in his way. He is currently the head Real Estate agent at Tri-Leake Realty in Memphis and has been on the multimillion dollar club since his first year,” Janee shares.

The future sure looks bright for Janee and her family. To learn more about her business, please visit them online.

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