Janeen Stone of Stone Workz Design

by Terry Watson | November 5th, 2010

It’s a combination of things that adds value to the life of Janeen Stone. She credits her success to her family, her education and a sincere desire to achieve and complete whatever she starts. Her natural talent to translate her vision to canvas has allowed her to peek into the lives of others. By doing so, with each work she speaks a new message.
A Midwest native, she spent most of her life between Illinois and Michigan until moving to North Carolina to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There she obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Later attended Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh and received an associate’s degree in advertising and graphic design. Still an artist craving pulled at the strings of her heart, eventually setting off a river of expressions that has yet to subside.

Stone says she does mostly realists paintings with a slight cartoonish appeal to them. “I enjoy using a combination of acrylic and printing ink. I love working with bright, bold colors and still find time to sketch on a daily basis,” she says.

Ironically, Stone just began painting within the past two years. Without any formal training, she has been drawing as far back as she can remember. When she enrolled in school to study graphic design, she had to do a painting for a class project. “I stared at the blank canvas for what felt like hours because I had no idea what to paint. I had never painted before,” says Stone. “Finally, after about half hour, my professor told me to stop thinking and just start painting, and I haven’t stopped yet!”

Deeply influenced by her culture, surroundings, daily observations and lessons she has learned she’s inspired by individuals who have left their stamp on the world and had larger than life personalities such as Billie Holiday and Gil Scott Heron. She is also inspired by her favorite artist David Garabaldi, describing his work as phenomenal.
Unless well established in the industry, there are not many venues where artist can display their work on a consistent basis. Stone says her greatest challenge is just getting her work seen.

Janeen Stone

Janeen Stone (Photo by Janeen Stone)

The average cost for a print by Janeen Stone generally runs between $100-$400. Her most memorable piece she calls “Eden”. “It is the face of a lovely black woman surrounded by flowers. It represents the peace and beauty of life; where it began and how it began,” she states.

Stone says she loves being a artist because she is able to stir up emotions in all types of people. “I love it when someone tells me why they think I painted a certain piece and how it made them feel. Being an artist never feels like a job, just pure enjoyment,” says Stone.

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