Janis Belcher Moore

by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016
Janis Belcher Moore (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Janis Belcher Moore (Photos by Jarvis Harris)

Janis Belcher Moore says she is just a regular gal, a child of Janice and Robert Belcher. She is also a blessed wife to Kenneth Moore, and a mother to five children Dorian, Siera, Kenneth, Janice and Kenasia. Along with her grandchildren Trinity Nicole and Olivia Jewel, these are the things that make life complete for her. Her family began at the ripe old age of 17. She was a teen mom and determined to always be the exception to the rule. She completed high school and worked in the evenings with the assistance of her parents and her son’s grandparents. These efforts along with the grace of God allowed her to remain focused on the things that mattered most. “No drugs, no partying no drinking. I had different goals in mind that did not include a college education;” she says.

Janis entered corporate America with determination. Whatever she lacked she would make up for through certifications and on the job training. Her efforts and sacrifices for the youth paid off when her son Dorian and god-sons Jeremy, Akeem and Lee all received college football scholarships. “I was a support system for my husband while he completed two Bachelor degrees,” she says. While fulfilling her roll in life as wife and mother, she realized that those who relied on her grew up and no longer need her. “I didn’t create a life for myself.”

One day while scrolling through Facebook, Janis located a old high school friend, Tywana. She was a contestant in a Ms. Full Figured pageant. After seeing this she generated a interest for herself and contacted Tywana to learn more about the pageant. Janis learned of how she was not doing modeling gigs, and was about to begin her own plus size swimwear line with the momentum of the pageant. She encouraged Janis to try out.

She wrestled with the idea. “ I was used to being the cheerleader for others to do those type things. Of course I had been told many times I was pretty, sweet, cute, etc. But that came mostly from my family. I could barely walk in heels. I had lost 100 pounds and felt confident in myself but I didn’t know,” she says. Janis looked more into the efforts and decided to give it a try.

Of course her little feelings would have been hurt but at the very least she might be able to get a modeling gig or make some new connections that would give her some type of life. She entered her first pageant on the same day of the audition, she was just getting over the flu. “I was sweating through my weave and I had to run to Office Depot to get some quick headshots,” she says.

She sat beside one of the queens who was so beautiful and poised. She knew the panel wanted me to talk about herself and then give her best walk in heels. “Here goes nothing she thought. I sprinted so fast across that floor that I was asked to walk again, but slower. When I wanted to speak, it sounded as if I had Laryngitis due to the flu. I was sweating and fanning and just a dressed up mess,” she says. They must have seen something in her because on mothers day of this year, she received an e-mail that notified her that she was selected to compete.

Janis based her platform on some things she learned from her mother. She told her that anything that she loves and would do for free, is her gift. Janis knew that she cared about her community and would do anything for others to make their lives better. She decided to make that her platform, Who Got Next.

“It is about us as adults and the community to stop looking at the youth and complaining about their state without taking steps to assist them with change. It is about getting in their business with caution of course. When you see things out of place like them not in class during school, we must ask questions. They may not listen, but we must plant the seed that someone is watching and someone cares,” she says. “I was a teen mom and somebody had to have next for me. I had two supportive parents and three supportive siblings that loved me through my struggles. Through what I endured and created in my life it allows me to have compassion for the pitfalls of today’s youth”.

On October 2nd, 2016, under the direction of Purusha J. Jones, she completed her run for the Ms. Full Figured Exquisite North Carolina pageant. When she announced as the winner by founder Teresa Randolph, she could not believe it. “I looked around and saw the most important thing in my life screaming, my family. My purpose, my life was quickly growing up. I was overcome with emotion because we had run this race together, but we are not finished”.

As part of her win, Janis is a delegate competing for the National Ms. Full Figured Exquisite USA pageant on April 4, 2017. She is using her current platform to work on an initiative to have parents give one PTO day a year to assist at their child’s school. “I think this will cut out on some of the in classroom buffoonery that limits teaching time during class. It will also cut down on skipping inside the school and on school grounds in my view. I have many ideas but all are geared towards a better tomorrow for our future generation,” she says.

Janis also appreciates the support she has received from Rene Mckenzie of Artsy Craftsy, T.Allure Glambar, Reesheda Peaks of “It Works & Sexy Sweats Apparel, Robin Francis Gibbs of Tracy Lynn Jewelry, Northern Auto Mart of Durham, Velocity Fitness of Durham, Alexandra Mitchell of Amare Cosmetics & Beauty Bar, New Beginnings Christian Center of Durham, Pastor’s Gainey of Matrix Ministries, Robert Belcher of Belcher’s Home Improvements and Serenity Childcare Center of Durham.

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