Ja’Quesa Hayes-Finney

Laci Ollison | November 16th, 2020
Ja’Quesa Hayes-Finney (Photos by LA Photographie)

Ja’Quesa Hayes-Finney (Photos by LA Photographie)

During the day, she has the responsibility of delivering packages and mail to local residents as a postal worker, but at night she is mixing, creating, and serving up natural haircare products to her male and female customers who are looking to grow and maintain their healthy locs and manes.

Thirty-three-year-old Jaquesa Finney is the proud owner of GlamHer Hair Addiction, which offers natural hair products for all hair types. She founded her company after gaining inspiration from her sister who was diagnosed with cancer and lost all of her hair.

“I wanted to help women who have lost their hair for different reasons to be able to grow their hair back out longer and thicker,” Finney said.

Her oldest daughter also has exzema in her hair which caused Finney to want to create a product that could be used on children’s hair as well. “I really wanted to create a natural product that would help women establish healthy hair habits for themselves,” said Finney. “Although many of my customers wear weave, I want them to understand that that’s okay, and they can still wear weave but their hair should be healthy underneath when the weave is removed.”

She shares that her best selling product is her hair juice which helps hair grow thicker and quicker. “This product is mainly for women experiencing some type of hair loss,” said Finney. “Women with alopecia, women that have been through chemotherapy, or even women who have hair loss from using any type of chemical treatment. It really helps thicken the hair and grow the hair out from where it has been lost or damaged.”

Customers have also used her natural products on baby’s who have experienced cradle cap and need moisture on their scalp and help with their hair growing back.

GlamHer also offers a variety of other haircare products for customers such as shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and edge control. “My edge control works with all different types of hair,” said Finney. “I have a lot of customers who wear locs and they like to use the edge control to retwist their hair.”

The single mother of two said that she has always wanted to work for herself and to own her own business. And although she has always had a passion for hair, she says that she was never really interested in becoming a hair stylist. “I went to hair school, but I never wanted to actually do hair,” Finney said. “I was always more interested in formulas and mixtures and creating products. I focused more on anatomy than actually doing hair.”

Finney said that the science behind hair and hair products drew her more because she loves science. She also earned a degree from Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis.
The Memphis native said that she then learned how to make hair products by taking a class.

“I took a class on how to mix products together and I learned what mixes well,” Finney said. “Once I learned how to make products, then I added my own style to make something that would work for all hair types.”

Finney also said that when coming up with inspiration for her products, she had a specific type of hair and customer in mind. “My target was 4C hair because that’s the type of hair that one of my daughters has and it is the hardest type of hair to retain moisture,” she said. “But my family all has different types of hair. My other daughter has a mixture of hair types and I have 3C and 4A.”
She also shares how it was so important for her to create a product that would work perfectly on all of her family’s hair, no matter the texture. “It’s a very versatile product that we can all use and that works on all of our hair.”

As an entrepreneur, Finney says the hardest thing about managing a business has been the marketing.

“It’s hard, but I’m still learning. I’m still learning, and I try to make live videos about my products and the process to create them so that people can get a behind the scenes look at what I’m doing and how their products are being made.”

But Finney says that being consistent and having good customer service is what has helped her be successful as a business owner. She also hopes to pass down the importance of entrepreneurship to her daughters. “I try to keep my daughters very involved in my business. Not only do they help me get my products together by helping with packaging, but they are also co-owners of GlamHer Hair Addiction. I want to encourage and teach them that they don’t have to work for anyone else if they choose not to.”

The businessowner is now looking to start two lines of products specifically for kids and for men. “The men products will be for men who may have a receding hairline and are looking to grow their hair back out or who may just need a good moisturizer for their beard,” Finney said.

GlamHer Hair Addiction has been in business for over a year and you can also find the natural hair styling products on the shelves of Color Essential on Jefferson Street. All of the products that GlamHer offers are vegan friendly and have been approved by the FDA.

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