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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Jason Keith

Jason Keith

When life happens, and concrete results matter, you need someone who understands your modus operandi. Meet Jason L. Keith, attorney, entrepreneur, successful business owner, dedicated husband, committed father, and community dream pusher. Sounds like a lot of hats for just one man, but he’s qualified to wear them all. Mr. Keith is a 2001 alumnus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and a 2005 graduate of North Carolina Central University’s School of Law.

Notwithstanding, he is an Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated man, so taking a leap of faith is not uncommon to him. He shares, “After I graduated from law school I couldn’t find a job, so I moved from the Raleigh-Durham area to High Point where I was able to work for a small firm for about a year.” It was during these humble beginnings, Mr. Keith realized that God blessed him with a special gift to practice law. “Late 2006, I began my own practice in my home office with the help of my fraternity brother and best friend, William Stanford, who continues to manage my current office. I began leasing my first office space in 2007 and the first case that came my way was a rape case in Davidson County. With the success of that case and others that soon followed, my confidence and my practice grew.” In Mr. Keith’s case, that boost of confidence was like an onion effect. You know once you complete one task, something else pops up and you wonder where it came from. It’s not new; it’s been there all along waiting for you to finish the previous task so you can peel that next layer back and begin working on solving the next problem. In the case of Mr. Keith, that new layer was the spring board for entrepreneurship.

As a practical, yet compassionate attorney, Mr. Keith recognized that a criminal record would prohibit many of his clients from fully reintegrating into society. He recalls one of his clients asking to wash his car. This client proved to have a strong work ethic as he either walked or caught a ride to his home weekly to wash his and his wife’s car. He did such a great job that he was soon washing cars for Mr. Keith’s neighbors. Since this is a service everyone uses on a regular basis, and there are people willing and able to work, it did not take long for Mr. Keith to begin laying the groundwork for a mobile detailing business. Although he spearheaded the car detail business, his law practice required that he seek a partner to oversee the day-to-day operations. He and his friend, now partner, Jerris Fullwood, sought a brick and mortar location that would offer more opportunities for those needing a chance at steady employment.

Within a short span of time, the business thrived. Mr. Keith says, “The car detailing started with people that needed a second chance and fortunately, I was able to provide the opportunity. The talent they exhibited for detailing cars has propelled K & F Custom Car Detail’s reputation throughout the community. Now the owners have secured contracts with the state and city to clean patrol cars and public safety vehicles. What started out as two men trying to be their brother’s keeper, flourished into a thriving business – – that is until it rains.

So, he began thinking how he could make the rain work to his advantage. As he explained it, “I have a detail company, but when it’s raining we can’t make any money. The thing I realized was that when it rains, car accidents happen. Now the doors can stay open because I previously invested in two tow trucks.” Talk about piggy backing off an idea, but that is exactly how K & F Towing and Recovery was born. Mr. Keith explains, “I identified early on that when people have accidents, more than likely, they’re going to need legal representation. So, when K & F goes to get a car, I use that as an opportunity to garner business for my law practice.” Clearly, a win-win situation.

Though Mr. Keith’s business ingenuity is constantly evolving, it has not dulled his passion to give back to the African American youth in his community. He shares, “I encounter criminal defendants daily and sometimes when I’m talking to them, they may ask me to “look out” for their son because they know they’re going to end up doing some time. That’s a hard pill to swallow. I had to figure out a way that I could really be effective in helping that young boy whose father is being incarcerated. You know, what I’ve come to understand is that these young boys have way too much free time on their hands; they don’t have financial resources, and they don’t have positive role models. At the time, my son, Nicholas was playing recreational basketball and I was interested in finding a more challenging level of play. Once again, opportunity was knocking, so I decided to capitalize on yet another business venture. Team Triad Hornets began with a small group of about 12-15 kids, with some still playing for my older teams. So, from that one person asking me to “look out” for his son, turned into Team Triad Hornets AAU Basketball Program.” Team Triad Hornets is a nonprofit Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball Program for young men from the first to the eleventh grade. His program is now the largest in the state with his fifth graders ranking twelfth in the nation for AAU competitive basketball. Mr. Keith is proud that his players have competed in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. According to Mr. Keith, “You’ve got to be the cream of the crop to play on our competitive teams and these boys are.” As the organization grew, it was necessary to provide a home location.

The overwhelming success of Team Triad Hornets AAU Basketball Program led to the purchase of the Triad Basketball Academy of Greensboro; the big yellow gym located off East Wendover at 805 Waugh Street, Greensboro, NC. The gym is far more than a place where competitive basketball games are played; instead, it has turned out to be a place where family values are embraced such as Friday night developmental youth league games and town hall community forums. Mr. Keith shares, “The Triad Basketball Academy of Greensboro has received a lot of attention because we’re located on the east side of Wendover which is a part of town that the city hasn’t traditionally supported with a lot of financial resources. Because of us being there, we’ve been able to provide the community with access to a facility that’s equipped to host multiple events like political forums, canned food drives, birthday parties, and socials. The community has been good to us and I believe it’s because we embrace every child. No child is ever left out.” He also has plans to incorporate an educational component to the Academy. He says, “Soon we’re going to offer premier educational programs that help our kids with preparing for the ACT and the SAT. Our gym is a place where kids from the community can come and shake hands with lawyers and other professionals and watch these men play a game of ball. In my opinion, we’re more than just a community basketball center. We know our kids by name and we have professionals working with them. We have actual college and high school coaches training our kids.”

Mr. Keith knows hands down that he is positively impacting the youth he serves because the parents share with him that their children are having conversations of becoming attorneys or judges or doctors or they want to own their own business. Those conversations weren’t being held before. One of his goals is to expose the youth to different professions so they can expand their dreams and start making better life choices. They can make their dreams become a reality.
One may wonder how Mr. Keith is able to balance all the hats he wears. He admits that he wouldn’t be able to make it all happen if it were not for the help of his devoted wife, Nichole Keith, and the dedicated support staff at each of his businesses. This support system allows him to be personally available for his clients no matter the day or hour because he knows that his job as an attorney does not end at 5:00 o’clock. Mr. Keith states, “There are a lot of good attorneys here in Greensboro and I consider myself to be one of them. I would encourage people to hire me as their legal counsel because I’m good at what I do, and I’m not intimidated to take on any type of case. I put God first in my life; I’m a hard worker; I possess integrity, and I apply the core values of not settling or cutting corners in my profession or in any of my businesses. When you settle and cut corners, you’re doomed to fail and that’s not what I intend to do.” Mr. Keith encourages everyone who has a skillset or a talent to chase their dreams.

Jason L. Keith, Attorney at Law, is licensed to practice in the Eastern, Middle, and Western District Federal Courts of North Carolina. He is also adept in handling civil and criminal litigations in the state of North Carolina. The law practice is located at 241 Summit Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27401. You may also call (336) 574-0368 or visit the website at www.kcalawfirm.com for additional information on how to “Hire The Game Changer.”

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