Javan Posey

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2020
Javan Posey (Bernard Smith)

Javan Posey (Bernard Smith)

Javan Posey is a native of Greenville, S.C. He is also a registered and professional barber who takes pride in the God given gift of grooming others. He has even established his own brand, The Groomers Touch. Now in his tenth year as a lead barber of The Official Next Level Barbershop in Mauldin, S.C., Javan has set his sights on accomplishing greatness.

“I consider myself to be a professional groomer who has made a career as a barber. Some would only see me as a barber, but I look at it as more than that. It’s not about the haircut or styles of hair. It’s all about building self-esteem and earning the trust of people to keep them looking good. That’s why I’m in this profession,” he says. “I would describe myself as a beard specialist who is able to construct a nice outline and detail to one of the most important part of ones appearance….the beard.”

As a barber, Javan takes into account the value that comes with being an architect of the beard and work to provide the best services to each client. “I feel that it is important to provide hair care tips to the customer to assist with crafting a beard masterpiece. I enhance the structure and outline of the beard to give the customer a distinct look. Additionally, I provide cleansing services for the beard that will help the customer maintain growth and shape,” he says.

Now, as a veteran barber, Javan has established other services including haircut enhancements and hot lather shaves. The Groomer’s Touch offers a haircut experience without any worries, lots of relaxation, therapy, and prayer.

To separate himself from others in his profession, Javan focuses on being able to provide the best possible grooming experience to his clients. This includes a signature Haircut Enhancements service that involves hair coloring to increase the value of the haircut, shape-up, or shaping. The purpose of this service is to present a more upscale look for the customer. He also offers Hot Lather Shaves, a rare commodity in the barbering game. “When customers request this service, they are seeking a cleaner look with their shaving experience. It comes with steaming towels, a fresh razor, and the application of a post-shave soother. It is a state-of-the-art experience that guarantees a confident look,” Javan says. While most services offered by Javan typically can be executed under one hour, he generally asks his clients to relax and enjoy their experience.

Moving forward Javan says his number one focus moving forward is to work on developing and expanding his brand, The Groomer’s Touch. “My aim is for the customer to receive a sophisticated haircut with a luxurious experience from a top-notch barber. This includes adding more styles and techniques to offer my clients a greater grooming experience. The ultimate goal is to provide compassion and courage to my clients so that they feel comfortable with illuminating their appearance,” he says.

The Groomers Touch brand is truly a work in progress, but Javan shares that he is confident that it will have a positive influence on each client that he is able to service. To learn more about The Groomers Touch, please contact Javan Posey.

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