Javetta Milton

Kalyn Hoyle | September 11th, 2013
Javetta Milton (Photo by Javetta Milton)

Javetta Milton (Photo by Javetta Milton)

Javetta Milton, 32, was born and raised in Greensboro and currently resides in McLeansville, North Carolina. In high school, Milton served as captain of the flag squad, was a member of honors vocal ensemble, and helped start Page’s gospel choir, she graduated in 1999. Currently, Milton is Ms. Black Burlington USA, runner-up for Ms. Black North Carolina USA, and a talented actress. Milton hails from a family that understands and emphasizes the value of hard work. Her father, John Milton Jr., is the pastor of Full Gospel Christian Center in McLeansville and the owner of Gods Way Hauling Company. Her mother, Shelia Milton, operates Shelia’s creative hair design, a beauty salon. Milton says that she cannot recall a time when any of her or her six siblings had to struggle. Milton was raised in a household of six girls and one boy. Even today, she is notoriously labeled by her siblings as most dramatic.

Milton is the proud mother of Jalen (12) and Cristin Murrill (10). After graduating, Milton led somewhat of a rebellious lifestyle and elected to get married when her parent’s thought she was too young. Soon enough, Milton became pregnant with her son and gave birth to her daughter during her marriage. Milton says managing the responsibilities of parenthood molded her into a much stronger individual. Milton went through a separation with her husband at age 23, leaving her with a new born daughter and one year old son to care for. In the aftermath of the separation and eventual divorce, Milton was in a state of depression, with a low self esteem, and a slew of trust issues. She says that her challenging situation drove her to question God’s overall vision for her life.

After the divorce Milton had no job, no motivation, a lack of self respect, and began gaining significant weight. Milton eventually made an oath to live her life for her children and God, soon becoming recommitted to her church and ministry. She claims that through her struggles God never abandoned her and that it was her duty to find how to tap into her inner gifts. Milton eventually reconnected with the gospel singing group, Straight Up, who she has sung with for over 20 years. Confidence and communication were undoubtedly amongst her weakest traits when Milton was approached about acting in 2009 by Peachanda Dubose. Milton credits constructive criticism from Dubose and her colleagues as the principal factor that allowed her to hone in on her skills and techniques after being introduced to stage play, eventually leading to a theatrical career.

In the 2010 play Even a Wretch like me, written by Dubose, Milton’s stage play illustrated the theme of forgiveness as she portrayed a bitter woman dealing with the ups and downs of her relationship with her son’s father. Milton starred in her first comedic role in Where is Heaven when all Hell breaks loose. In this James Lyons written play, Milton says she had to act in ways that were quite distinct from the way in which she lives her real life. She says she had to conduct extensive research to get into character for the role. In 2011, Milton took part in a Wesley Lloxx written short film titled Hello. Premiered at the National Black Theatre Festival, Milton played the character of Sherita, a no-nonsense, outgoing girl who discovers that her man is unfaithful after giving him a chance at romance. Filmed on a real plantation, Milton helped to demonstrate the transfer of slave ideology from the past into the present in her role in the 2012 Bel productions film Rootz. In The other side of Pain, a play written by Roosevelt Jackson, Milton is an older sister who witnesses her younger sister struggle in a relationship with her husband. After her sister dies, Milton’s character takes matters into her own hands. Milton has taken part in over 30 different productions across the country. Milton’s next performance will be on October 6 in Charlotte in the Adrianna L. Williams best-seller In laws from hell.

Milton is the founder of the GEMS organization (Growing, Empowering, Mentoring, Sharpening), a coalition founded to empower the minority youth of today through performing arts. Milton says she felt starting a community based program was vital because she herself had to overcome a low self esteem and at one point had subscribed to negativity. Milton partnered with Jo Jo Gardner at the Peeler Center in north Greensboro in an effort to operate an Inner city performing arts school. Milton was instrumental in the creation of the Ablaze Ministry, a community group project, operated by college students to help lead young people in the direction of success and prosperity.

When asked about role models, Milton was quick to identify her parents. Growing up, Milton witnessed her parents work full time jobs, her mother also attended cosmetology school at the same time. Milton says it was inspiring and motivating to see her parents set goals, write them down, and accomplish them. Milton summarized her success in the statement, “I still remember the moment I fell in love with acting. I was center stage! The lights were so bright I couldn’t see anything. I wasn’t me in that moment. I was someone else. I studied hard, I prayed even harder and got so nervous I became sick to my stomach. But at that moment, as the tears fell and I was her–I knew that I had fallen in love—there is healing in this love—not just for her, but for me as well. This love won’t fade, it is unconditional. What an awesome feeling to fall in love on this journey to finding my purpose.”

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