Javion Woods

Laci Ollison | November 16th, 2020
Javion Woods

Javion Woods

For Javion Woods, much of life has been spent serving others and raising her ten children. However recently, she has decided to steer her life into a different direction; running a business, managing a non-profit organization, and encouraging others along the way.

Javion was born in Clinton, North Carolina and raised in the Bronx of New York. She has spent much of her life living in Greenville, South Carolina, the place this accomplished business woman calls home.

She was married and became a mother at a young age. “I gave my life to my husband and to being a mother because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do,” Javion said. “I thought that was one of the admirable things a woman was supposed to do.” But over time things began to change.

“My husband became abusive and controlling. He was older than me so he thought he could tell me what to do. So I had to figure out what to do.”

Javion found that leaving wasn’t easy to do. Javion quickly realized that there were not many resources for a single mother at the time. “I left my marriage with no college degree, with eight children, and one on the way,” she recalls. “I was fleeing with my babies, but I had nowhere to go. I couldn’t knock on a friend’s door because there were so many of us. I couldn’t apply for section eight assistance because my family exceeded the occupancy limit. Shelters weren’t an option because there was a rule that boys over seven had to go to the male shelter, so some of my kids would be with me and some of them wouldn’t. I had to make a decision.”

Javion prayed for an answer. God spoke to her and told her that she was more than just a wife and a mother. That message from God was very clear and was carried on to the inception of her non-profit, More Than A Mother. The organization’s message is a simple one. It pushes women to pursue life outside of being a mother and a wife.

“While those are wonderful attributes,” said Javion, “Your business and your purpose does not stop just because you get married and have children. When roles change, women adapt to the challenges but sometimes put themselves on the backburner.”

More Than A Mother started as a Facebook group on the basis of providing women a platform to begin talking about things that mothers dealt with. Within 30 days, the group had reached 2,000 members. Javion shares that she wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for it because there was still some healing that she needed to do and some healing that needed to take place inside of her. Javion said that after she healed, she was able to come back and form the non-profit which now focuses on a variety of different initiatives.

“I’m also a domestic violence survivor. So of course I’m a domestic violence advocate. But I’m also a mental health advocate and we’ve also done things around breast cancer awareness,” she says. The organization is in the 2nd year of hosting a breast cancer awareness luncheon. “We pick things that affect the community and we focus on that. We recently did a homeless drive to fight COVID-19. So we’re not stuck with serving one purpose permanently, we try to do a variety of things.” They also held a Bee Essential Back to School drive, collecting kits for teachers and childcare workers.

Javion is also in the process of hosting a retreat for mothers called Mom Boss Launch. The retreat will encourage moms to pursue passion and vision while still being effective in their roles of mom and wife.

In addition to managing her non-profit organization, Javion is also the owner of LifeEaze, a virtual assistance company that also offers business strategy and business coaching services to entrepreneurs.

“I’m a Human Resources Manager by trade,” Javion said. “I was working as a government contractor and I was the executive assistant to the CEO. So I did everything and learned it all.”
One night, Javion went to a church service and realized that so many people there who owned businesses didn’t know how to do things like file for an LLC, manage their social media pages, or create a landing page. “At first I was offering my services for free,” she said. “One day I heard my pastor preach a sermon and he said that everything you need is already inside of you. If you’re asking God for a financial increase, take what you already have and use it.”

Once Javion launched her virtual assistant businesses, clients became her norm. “Just about every time I did a consultation, I booked the client.”

As a mother, business owner, and non-profit CEO, Javion has learned to be her biggest supporter. “You can’t control what other people say or do. Other people may not clap for you, so you have to clap for yourself. Every day you look in the mirror and decide to show up for yourself,” she said.

Javion is the proud mother of Patience, Malachi, Charity, Faith, Kevin Jr., Zion, Nehemiah, Soloman, Ezekial, Harmony, and a bonus child, Jayda.

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