Jay Ancrum

by Terry Watson | May 13th, 2016
Jay Ancrum

Jay Ancrum

Jay Ancrum of Charlotte says it very hard to put his life into a box. He describes himself as someone who likes to take on many challenges and try different things. He is also a hard worker who puts God first in all of his endeavors. Even though he is a pastor, Ancrum is not big on titles, instead he strives to change the mindset of people who have a stereotypes of pastors.

His ministry is Church Untraditional, however his personal ministry is Jay Ancrum Ministries. Previously the church was called Time of Deliverance Apostolic Church until Ancrum says God revamped it and changed its focus to helping people overcome their struggles. “We appeal more to the millennial generation which shows, but never compromises. We change things up a little so that people will see Jesus not tradition,” he says. His personal ministry came about when he began to conduct outreaches. He was able to reached those in his community as he traveled as an evangelist and wrote several books during this time.

All of his life Ancrum knew that he had a calling to preach. “I use to act like I was having church in my house while my parents were gone to work,” he says. He conducted youth conferences while in high school. As he struggled mentally and with school, he always ran back to the church for refuge. “It was the only place for me to find peace through all of the pain I was enduring with self esteem issues,” he says.

He started preaching at the age of 12 and then became a licensed and ordained minister at 18. Soon after that he became an assistant pastor at 19. Things transpired and Ancrum was placed at a ministry where he worked with youth until he began Time of Deliverance Apostolic Church.

He says he will never forget the expressions on the faces of others he ministered to when he first began. “I made sure that everything I did was God led. It had to be impactful. I wanted to make sure that no one I ministered to left feeling the same as they did before arriving,” he says. “That’s the most impactful thing of what I do. It shows that my works are not in vain”.

Ancrum’s message encourages individuals to look into their future and declare what shall come. “The bible says, ‘we have not because we ask not’. That should give us courage to speak positive outcomes,” states Ancrum. He recently completed a documentary titled “Many Faces of a Challenge” which shows how people have gone through tragedies in their youth and have carried them into their adult life. He says individuals have either healed from it or are still battling with the pain of it. He is putting together a tour for it be available at different churches, study groups, etc. He is also am working on a movie titled “My Name Is Lust” which talks about how powerful and damaging the spirit of lust is.

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