Jay Green and Beauty By Jay

by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016
Jay Green and Beauty By Jay (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

Jay Green and Beauty By Jay (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

A woman of African descent, Jay Green was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. As complexed as her many looks and visions are, Green has lived her life as such. She has dabbled in many things including acting, beauty, marketing and continuing education.

She received her high school diploma from the Durham School of the Arts. She is also a certified in Nursing Assistant and has obtained a Associates degree in Applied Science from Empire Beauty Institute of which she uses to operate as professional hair stylist with a focus on natural hair care. She is also a mother to an eleven year old son who she says means the world to her.

Today she owns and operates Beauty by Jay. “Our mission is to provide the necessary education for those who are looking to maintain healthy hair. Our goals are for you to achieve your epitome of beauty,” she says. Green’s services include braids, two-strand twists, wig installments, partial to full sew-ins, locs retwist, faux love extensions, colors, haircuts, perms, body waxing, eyebrow tinting, eyelash extensions and makeup services.

Her business began in the midst of turmoil. In September 2012, while enrolled as a student at Regency Beauty institute, her progress was interrupted due to some unforeseen situations. Determined not to not let that stop her from pursuing her dreams of being a cosmetologist and entrepreneur, she enrolled at Empire Beauty School and created the brand, Beauty by Jay.

As a student of Empire, Green utilized her marketing abilities to promote her business online and on social media sites such as Facebook, Craiglist and Twitter. Her ambition to succeed as a student helped to prepare her as a stylist. Her previous setback she says was really a set up because it pushed her forward into her purpose. She created Beauty by Jay, mainly because of a passion to make others look their best and to be her own boss. “A favorite quote that I tell my clients is that ‘When you look good, you feel even better’,” she says.

“I chose cosmetology as my profession because it does not feel like work. I am so passionate about my services that it doesn’t feel like work. I thank God for my gift because it is truly something I love to do.”

Green credits her grandmother, Anna Johnson for impacting her career the most. “Her principles on life and how to build relationships with people has assisted me in becoming the entrepreneur I am today. She had a rock solid faith and deep rooted values of self that she passed down to me. Love yourself and treat people the best way you can regardless of how they treat you,” she says. She would not have been able to pursue her degree without her grandmothers encouragement and wisdom.

She is inspired by God, her son, nature, and the arts. The arts include dance, poetry, spoken word, videography, photography, paintings, and theater. She is also inspired by all things that are creative. “A person can come to me looking one certain way and leave with a completely different look. As a stylist, I give real life transformations on a daily basis. I candidly enjoy helping others look good.”

If she could change anything in this world, Green says she would change how people view one another. “Unfortunately we live in an society that views others based off of social class and race. In my field I choose to not judge individuals based off of stereotypes. I have clientele from all walks of life. I treat everyone the same,” she says.

Moving forward, Green hopes to expand her business and offer her products in retail stores. She also intends on providing education to help others maintain healthy hair and build several franchises of Beauty by Jay nationally and globally.

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