Jay L. Harris

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Jay L. Harris

Jay L. Harris

Jay L Harris of Atlanta, GA is an author, blogger, and shepreneur. Her works include the highly successful romance novel, Unlikely Love. She is the owner of the global brand, Jay L Harris Creative Werks, a digital branding firm that specializes in graphic design and social media management.

Coming from a family of educators, spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs, Jay is ready to inspire others through teaching and creating workshops. She has created a series of workshops to help aspiring writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs get started on their journey as well as speak on topics such as Expanding the Bandwidth of Your Imagination, Beyond Writing, Social Media Content Writing, Personal Branding, and I Can Do That!

Jay L Harris Creative Werks started in March 2017. “It started as a fluke. I began blogging in 2013 to not much success. I felt as if people loved my social media posts and blog designs more than the enjoyed reading my blog. After a year of people asking me to manage their social media, I finally agreed to give it a go. I booked three clients in one month. However, it took me another year to feel confident enough to offer graphic design services to others,” she says.
Some of the services offered by Jay L Harris Creative Werks include Graphic Designs (Stationery, Websites, Lead Magnets).

Social Media Branding/Management/Strategy, Email Marketing, and Recruitment Marketing (specializing in Non-Profit recruiting). “I typically work with restaurants, hair salons, coaches, comedians, consultants, solopreneurs, authors and creative entrepreneurs,” she says.

Jay said she loves everything about her career and business. “I love getting the opportunity to use my imagination to create beautiful things as well as help others see their vision come to life. It is nothing like seeing my clients post their new logo on social media, share their branded social media posts, or see my work in magazines.”

Most new entrepreneurs struggle with how to price their services. When Jay first started, she wasn’t very confident in herself. As a result, she underpriced her services. “I was afraid to charge too much for fear of losing my clients. I was beyond frustrated and often contemplated quitting my business. After doing some research and becoming more confident in my skills, I unapologetically raised my rates,” she says. “My advice to others may be in a similar situation is to research your industry for the current going rates and do a proper evaluation of the time it takes to perform each service. Most importantly, don’t undervalue your skills and knowledge. Don’t rush the process. Success doesn’t happen overnight and there will be plenty of times when you will not do the right thing. Don’t be discouraged but keep going. Through much failure comes much success.”

Jays shares that she is inspired by many things, but mostly her family. “I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who are very supportive and love me,” she says. Additionally, she admits that everything that has happened along her journey has provided her with an opportunity to learn. “If we don’t make mistakes, how can we ever expect to grow,” she said.

In the future, her plans are to eventually assemble a small staff that will allow her to help more people. She would also like to live abroad and work with entrepreneurs globally.

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