Jayresa Sass

by Terry Watson | March 22nd, 2021
Jayresa Sass

Jayresa Sass

Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? These three words were made famous by the late, great rapper, Notorious Biggie Smalls. Ironically, March is the month that celebrates women as well as the birth month of Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls). Though there isn’t any blood connection, if you’re from Brooklyn, then you are family, so Jayresa is family.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jayresa Sass wears many hats and offers her love unconditionally. She is a mother of two, a dog mommy of two, and a plant junkie. She is also a Certified Spiritual and Trauma Informed Coach, speaker, author, healer, humanitarian, visionary, mentor, talk show host, radio host, and solopreneur. Her journey throughout life has been full of laughs and some tears. There have been ups and some downs, some gains, and a few losses. Though not defeated, Jayresa says those moments have shaped her into the total and complete woman she is today.

Jayresa started her career in coaching after experiencing several traumatic incidents throughout her childhood. She searched for answers and an outlet to manifest true love within herself.
Eventually, she decided that sharing her unique story would change the lives of others. One way was to create a unique media platform under the brand, She is Not Her Trauma. Through this platform, she shares her own message while also teaching women how to strengthen their emotional and spiritual mindsets. They learn about avenues for restorative healing, support, engagement as well as how to embrace their truth, their trauma, and their transformation. “I seek to change the narratives for women during their difficult moments by hosting several interviews, masterclasses and workshops. These programs are focused on teaching them how to recognize and insert themselves into the healing process, from trauma, helping to define freedom and success,” she says. She is Not Her Trauma is designed for women and coaches to educate and empower them on how to share their stories, which opens new conversations people often shy away from. The platform provides exposure on all social media platforms, including iHeart radio and other streaming services.

There’s also Jayresa Sass, LLC, through which she provides one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops for women looking to define freedom and success after trauma. Through her business, I Am Enough, Inc., she equips people with mental health and intellectual disabilities on how to improve their social life both virtually and physically within the community.

In August 2019, things began to happen real fast for Jayresa. She lost two full-time jobs due to a knee injury. Not knowing what her next steps should be, she decided to utilize her skills to make a living. During October 2019, she was invited to a domestic violence event to speak, encourage women, and share more about I Am Enough, Inc. “When it was my turn to speak, in that very moment, God used me to share my testimony on my experiences with domestic violence. From that moment I began to learn my own story from childhood with God’s direction,“ she says.

It’s obvious that she is walking in her purpose. Things are happening and lives are being transformed all because she opened the windows of her life and provided a transparent experience for the pains and fears of others. “My favorite part of business is helping people who once felt lost gain exposure and provide them a place to shine their light on the world through their stories. I am encouraged simply by encouraging others. I’m inspired by laughter, healing, and anything that has the potential to create and maintain the passion of healing. This gets my heart and creativity pumping,” she shares.

While the road could have been easier, there isn’t much she would change about it. “To learn about my own trauma so late in life showed me how we are all silently crying out for help. God has designed my journey in a way that anyone who needs my services can find me.”

For others who may follow a similar path as Jayresa, her advice is simple, “Become the scientist of your own life. Ask questions regarding those things that once left you curious.” Her plans moving forward is to continue creating and developing outlets for people to take ownership of their story and shine their light on the world. To learn more about Jayresa Sass, please contact her directly, or visit her website.

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