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by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2013
Alexis Daniels-Mcthay

Alexis Daniels-Mcthay (Photo by Jazz’a 4 Christ)

A native of the sunny state of Florida, Alexis Daniels-Mcthay (Jazz’a) received her Bachelors and Masters Degree from Grambling State University, in Grambling Louisiana. A wife and a mother of three children, Jazz’a believes her calling in life is to offer “pure, anointed music” that ushers in the presence of God, sets the atmosphere for a move of God, and assists in leading the unsaved into the Kingdom of God.

Her musical genre is a mixture of Jazz, Neosoul, and R&B. She has been singing since the age of three and performing since the age of five. Even then she knew she wanted to sing because music was the only thing that would keep her attention. Jazz’a remembers getting in trouble because instead of doing her school work, she was more interested in learning songs. She would also sing every commercial on television or the radio. In fact, she confesses that she was able to learn the letters of the alphabet only by singing them.

The thing that Jazz’a loves most about singing is how it revealed itself as a ministry to her. “I love how you can change someone’s whole attitude by just singing a song that could boost their spirits. I love the fact that God blessed me with the thing I love most to do,” she says. “I guess God said if this child insists on singing everything then I may as well give her the gift so she can shut up sometime.”

Her musical inspirations are Whitney Houston, Mahalia Jackson, Lashun Pace. Jazz’a says the development of her unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. She has been compared to Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, and Angie Stone. Her life has been impacted by God, family and her friends she says and accredits them with being a constant source of support. “They encouraged me when I felt that I was not good enough at times. They love me for who I am and do not judge me. That gives me the inspiration to continue on my journey and not give up,” Jazz’a says.

Her ride hasn’t always been easy. Thirteen years ago she lost her voice and could not sing. She could speak but every time she sang something her throat would just seem to close up. “I felt God was punishing me for not using my gift the way I should. My mother would always say ‘if you don’t use your gift God can and will take it away from you’. So when this happened to me I sort of shut down with embarassment,” she says. During this challenging time, her pastor called and told her that God said He was going to restore her voice but, this time she had to use it for His glory. She says she knew that this had to be God because no one knew what was going on with her. It was the second chance that allowed her to use her instrument for God.

Jazz’a went on tour last year promoting her demo/CD and was able to visit Chicago, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas. She was able to perform for Bobby Jones Gospel while in high school. She was also a part of the ACTSO portion of the NAACP where she won first place in a local competition.

Music has changed her life and made her dreams become a reality. ‘Music has allowed me to go many places, meet people I have never seen before. Music has helped me to minister to people spiritually and mentally and lets me know that at the end of the day, I know what one of the purposes that God has for me to do on this earth,” she shares. Jazz’a says it is a dream of hers to one day minister is Paris, France. Music is her healing, her life, and it makes everything she has gone through all worth it in the end.

Jazz’a is currently resides in Greensboro, N.C. and is available for various singing engagements including weddings, banquets, and conferences.

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