JC Shegog

by Terry Watson | January 16th, 2018
JC Shegog

JC Shegog

There is more to self-defense training when someone seeks JC Shegog. The well decorated instructor has traveled the world while teaching others the skill of survival. He has now settled in Nashville, TN and offers his services through Shegog Training Academy and Consulting.

JC Shegog is a survivor of the South Side of Chicago, where he was born and raised. A self-described former knucklehead was given all of the right ingredients to be successful as a child. He came from a good family and was given access to sports and a good education. Still, he somehow veered off track and fell into the despair of the streets, a place Shegog thought possessed the answers to life.

Because of his strong family ties and athletic abilities (Boxing, Karate, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football, and Track) he was able to get back on course. “Good grades came easy to me. Sometimes I found myself getting bored with school unless sports were involved. I later joined the Army to avoid jailtime for fighting. The Army was easy for me because I was already a disciplined and athletically accomplished person. All I had to do was reapply and refocus my energy,” he says.
Shegog joined a local church and became the youngest minister on the board. He attended college while still serving in the military and received a Bachelors in Comparative Religious Studies from Georg-August University in Gottingen. He later converted to Islam. During his studies he taught himself to speak German and Arabic, as well as teaching a cultural sensitivity class to his fellow soldiers on the Middle East before being deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm. He also won the Heavyweight division of the European Kickboxing Championship. After the war he was recruited within the Special Operations community and spent the rest of his military time there before leaving.

After several years of private bodyguard work Shegog entered into a career of law enforcement. He worked on a Special Operations Response Team in the Warrants and Fugitive division. He also worked with the Gang Unit before being recruited for a SWAT team. Eight years later, he left law enforcement all together and started defense contracting overseas for the US Government. He opened Tactical Professionals training agency in 2004 and Shegog Consulting in 2006. Now, he is training foreign and domestic military units, foreign and domestic police departments, private security companies, and private citizens in a myriad of courses such as firearms, special weapons, special tactics, self-defense, force protection, executive protection, witness security, estate security, etc. He also trains children and women in self-defense and is a motivational and inspirational speaker, and life coach.

At his training academy, some of the services offered are Self Defense & Martial Arts Classes, Firearm Safety & Marksmanship, Home Defense Training, Tennessee Handgun Permit Course, Tennessee Security Officer Certification Course, Children Safety & Anti Bullying Seminars, Women Safety Training & Seminars, School Security Training, Church Security Training, and Active Shooter & Workplace Safety Seminars.

“I really love when customers, clients, and students get the “I get it” look on their faces or when they call me back and tell me how much better off they are because they took my class or adhered to some advice I gave them,” Shegog says. “My biggest impact thus far has been my travels abroad and my visits to various places around the world where I have witnessed humanity at its best and worst. These experiences taught me that preparation is the key to survival.”

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