Jeff Broadie

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | March 15th, 2018
Jeff Broadie (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Jeff Broadie (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

It’s not every day that one leaves a well-paying job in Corporate America for a service industry profession that has to be built from the ground up. Jeff Broadie, owner of Just For You Barbershops and Barber Styling Academy decided to completely change professions in the middle of his career.
In 1992 Jeff received a promotion at his job as a banker and moved his family from Asheville to Charlotte. “After we moved and closed on our new house, I made the decision to quit my job and go to barber school. I didn’t even tell my wife at first, I just did it.” He seems to be a better man for it. He’s thankful that his wife supported his passion, because the business has been flourishing ever since.

The Winston Salem State University graduate completed barber school the next year, opened his first shop in 1994, and by 1995 received his teaching license. He opened the barber and styling academy in 1998 and now works as an instructor that teaches students the best techniques used when styling hair.

The barber academy has six instructors, including Jeff, and they’re all multi-shop owners. He knows the importance of not just simply teaching his students how to cut and style hair. He teaches his students how to look beyond the chair and potentially become owners themselves one day. He also stresses the value and importance of diversity. “They shouldn’t know how to cut only black folks’ hair. You can’t make it just on shape-ups,” Jeff says.
In addition to running the barber school and multiple shops around the city, Jeff is also a consultant to those who are ready to open their own shops. Thus far, he’s helped launch more than a dozen facilities in the state. It’s evident that Jeff is a busy man and just to make things even more hectic, he is on the brink of implementing some amazing ideas around the city.

For over 20 years Jeff has sat on the Executive Board of the NC Master Barbers Association. The 600-member association makes decisions on license fees, merging cosmetologists and barbers, implementing taxes, and anything else related to the industry. He urges more people in his own community to serve and let their voices be heard.

This life seems like a lot to handle hailing from the small town of Morven in NC. His family has been his biggest fans along the way. His wife of almost 36 years, whose hair he has been styling for decades, is a part-time math instructor at Central Piedmont Community College, having retired from the banking industry. His daughter and son haven’t shown any interest in the business, but his son-in-law has. He‘s part of Charlotte’s banking industry but has a barber license as well. When the talent doesn’t necessarily run in the family, simply passing it down is just as valuable. His son-in-law has expressed interest in one day possibly taking over the business and it sounds like he already has his father-in-law’s blessing. Jeff has certainly built an empire for him to grow, and who knows, his only grandson may get bitten by the barber bug one day too.

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