Jerry Timmons is Wize The Barber

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016
Jerry Timmons

Jerry Timmons

Jerry Timmons believes if someone plans to succeed, you cannot give up — you must persevere through any situation. He also proclaims that God keeps him fearless. “Whatever stumbles I face, you will never see me quit,” he says emphatically.

A professional barber by trade, he was raised in Charlotte, N.C. and survived the rages of the worst disdainful storms as a young boy in foster care. By the age of 14, along with his eldest brother they were adopted out of his six siblings by Mrs. Shirley Key-Mills. “To mama, I am exceedingly and forever grateful. She loved and nurtured our broken pieces. Besides helping me to develop a powerful relationship with God, she helped me to realize that my past does not have to dictate the outcome of my future. Her nurturing allowed me to release the hurt, making it possible to exhale the old air in order to inhale the new,” says Timmons.

He also acknowledges that there is a God who sits high and looks low and has all the power in His hands. While under Mrs. Key-Mills care, he informally began to hone his skills as a barber by cutting his brother, friends, neighbors and church folks. “As a kid, money was a motivating factor but I quickly recognized God had given me a gift. It wasn’t just for cutting and styling hair but there was a ministry attached to it. There is something impactful and therapeutic when a person sits with me and talks while I am working to give them my very best,” he says.

At just the age of 18, he relocated to New York City and on a faith based move, opened his own barbershop. Throughout the years, he has vehemently mastered his craft and continues to make the staple of excellence as his mantra. He is now known as “Wize The Barber.”

Wize The Barber is the consummate, business savvy professional. The name Wize was given to him by a group of highly respected and accomplished elders who regularly sat in the never-ending open forum discussions in his barbershop. “I was always humbled by their praise and approval when I provided mentorship to the youth,” he says. Timmons has enjoyed a rewarding history of being a business owner for over 20 years in New York City. He has catered to a broad list of celebrity clientele and has made all of his customers feel like a celebrity after leaving his shop. On another faith-based move, he relocated to Charlotte a few years ago. “God has never let me down and He allows me to continue to thrive,” he says.

Timmons says success hasn’t come without challenges. He had to understand that everyone who is by your side, is not on your side. He acknowledges that there will always be those who will do whatever they can to make him lose focus. There will always be business and political red tape to wrangle with, but all can be conquered.

The career that Timmons has chosen also has its perks. “I love the public and being able to meet and connect with a myriad of people from everywhere, every ethnicity and from every walk of life. People are people and always bring something interesting to the table,” he says. He states that he looks forward to the challenge from a customer whose hair cut has “run a muck” from another barber or the guy that swears he can’t find a decent barber anywhere.

Timmons gives some valuable advice. Do not shy away from adjusting the plan; simply because it will be part of the learning process. Besides perfecting your craft, it is essential to really learn the business. This is an open ended career so, condition your thinking and movements in accordance to being a business owner. Either you will be paralyzed working for others or have your own. Be proactive, take classes, watch videos, and stay up on current products, tools and trends. Always stay open to learning from others who are “the best.” God makes room for many stars. Learn from as many as you can. If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose.

Timmons also states that customer retention in this single transaction industry is the net of your profitability. “Most of all, develop a relationship with God; He gave you a gift, what you do with it is your gift back to Him. If you have no one on your side, you do have Him. He will always give you the license to move forward. Victory is waiting on you,” he says.

Moving forward he plans to open an additional business in Charlotte that will incorporate a platform to help at risk youth and open employment and development opportunities. He has a beautiful wife, Chanel, who is his prayer warrior and best friend. Together they thrive on keeping each other encouraged and inspired. His sons Jerry Jr., Jamari, Justice, and Tejon are his bright lights that he loves dearly and says they definitely keep him on his toes. “They learn from me as I learn from them. I revel in the responsibility of knowing that I am their father who provides protection and provision. I am their ‘real life’ hero,” he says.

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