Jesse Hudson

by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Jesse Hudson

Jesse Hudson

There is something about a fresh haircut. Jesse Hudson has made it his mission to provide superior barbering services. He is the owner of ProVision Barbering Company, located in Snellville, Ga.

Jesse says the vision of owning his own shop was realized the moment he became a professional barber. That was in February 2013. ProVision Barbering Company opened its doors six years later on June 4, 2019.

Jesse specializes in providing clipper haircuts, shear haircuts, facials, beard management, shampoo and conditioning, and hot towel wraps. “The goal of ProVision Barbering Company is to provide more than just a haircut,” Jesse says. “I am family-oriented, a husband and father, and I truly believe the key to success is to rests in the experience we provide. That is why I work really hard and hope to leave a mark on the barbering industry,” he says.

Jesse has over 20 years of customer service experience and over five years as a professional barber. Because they are a results-driven company, ProVision Barbering Company relies greatly on the feedback from its clients. Their typical clients include men, women, teens, and children of different nationalities and walks of life.

ProVision’s private environment gives a VIP like feeling and affords its clients the freedom of conversation.

As an ex-military and management professional with a strong background in customer service. “Grooming is my passion and providing every client with a VIP treatment is very important,” he says.

For the most part, Jesse says he is inspired by other entrepreneurs who have found a way to be successful in their business. He also understands that a great amount of grit and perseverance is necessary to create a profitable business. “I like to spend a part of my day reading about entrepreneurial ventures and the people who take on the challenge. Their story is what inspires me to continue my journey,” he says.

When asked what he likes most about be a professional barber, Jesse shares that it’s the connection he is able to make with his clients. “I love transforming a client’s look and increasing their self-confidence. The trade of barbering for the most part is a personal service that offers me an opportunity to uplift someone’s spirit by making them feel good about their new look,” Jesse said.

The challenges of entrepreneurship and owning a business can be a tough test for some. For Jesse, he is determined to overcome them. “I have been challenged by learning how to develop effective advertising strategies, and being strategic and efficient with them. However, through reading and research, I have found ways to manage this,” he says.

Being a father has impacted his life, he shares. “Having a family to provide for has been quite the motivation to strive for success. Starting a business is a major key to my overall plan to build a legacy for future generations.”

Jesse advises others who may be considering starting a business, or even opening a barber shop in particular. “Always start by doing what you love. You must go for it and stay positive while doing so. Patience and persistence is the best plan of attack to accomplish your goals, and you must surround yourself with positive people and network whenever possible,” he says.

Jesse says that his future plans include opening another barber shop, and a beauty and nail salon. He also hopes to open a shop that would cater to an entire family, where all members can be groomed in one visit.

To learn more about ProVision Barbering Company, please visit their location, or check them out online.

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