Jodie Murphy

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Jodie Murphy (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Jodie Murphy (Photo by Howard Gaither)

At a very early age, Jodie Murphy knew she was destined to be a business owner. She was that kid selling candy at school. She also got the entire basketball team to buy socks from her, as she was labeled a “go getter” by her friends and peers. Her parents laid a foundation of success for her. Her mom is a hard worker and her dad was a business owner who sold suits to Pastors and Deacons. Before her dad died, Murphy says he taught her the ropes of business and how to sell to people and how to create revenue. “I didn’t understand everything he was teaching me, but as I got older it came back to me as if he was whispering in my ear, advising me on each step to take,” she says.

Murphy is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and a world changer. She is also a God fearing, strong Black woman who isn’t scared to take chances in life. “I believe God has given everyone all that we need to succeed on the inside. We just have to be open to God and seek His direction,” she says. Murphy is a leader who loves to help people become the best they can be in any situation. “I am a hard worker and vulnerable enough to accept that I don’t know everything, but assertive enough to ask the questions needed to get the knowledge that is needed,” she says. Murphy is also very passionate about her community and helping people live their dreams.

Today, she owns J Murphy Consulting LLC where she offers end to end business consulting. “I want businesses to be able build a brand. That is accomplished with my assistance through a professional business makeover. Whether you need a website, business cards, retractable banner, or one on one consulting, we can provide it to you,” says Murphy. She also offers help with starting a business including filing documents of Incorporation and guidance to building a website, and help with making businesses visible to their targeted market by setting up different streams of social media accounts. She also provides monthly consulting packages to ensure her clients continue to get insight on how their company can grow.

J Murphy Consulting, LLC was established during the early part of this year. “I stumbled upon this business after helping Greensboro based attorney, Jason Keith establish his nonprofit, the Triad Hornets Basketball Team. Through volunteering at the Triad Basketball Academy, I learned a lot about how to establish businesses and non profits,” she says. Keith referred a guy to her who needed help with establishing his basketball organization. She found herself consulting him through the process of business ownership, and upon completing the session with him, Murphy says she found her passion.

Murphy says she is mostly inspired by leaders because they have a huge responsibility to everyone around them. They are very impressionable to others on a daily basis because what they do, usually makes sense and people want to replicate it. “I aspire to be a leader that inspires people to be visionaries and to follow through on their dreams. My mother inspires me to be a philanthropist, just as she is. She is relentless in giving back to the community. I sit and watch her in hopes of one day being half the woman she is,” she says.

Murphy’s testimony is that she has come from being a mother at the age of 16, to graduating from high school and college. She has defeated the odds that the world set before her. “I went through a lot growing up as a teenager, but I always knew that I wanted to be in a position to help people. Through J Murphy Consulting, LLC, I can reach out to my community and help build legacies for the next generation,” she says.

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