John Davis Marshall

Tonya Tolson | March 15th, 2019
John Davis Marshall (Photos by B Smith Photography)

John Davis Marshall (Photos by B Smith Photography)

John Davis Marshall is a nationally known author who has written 16 books. He is also a media personality, and Lifestyle Architect (life-coach) and helped people to make life-impacting decisions for more than 40 years. John’s experience extends to marketing and sales and real estate investment. His dedication to serving other paired with a sound work ethic has enabled him to conduct more than 5,000 presentations in 190 cities, and across 30 states. In his free time John enjoys relationship consulting, motivational speaking, reading, writing, publishing, and thinking.

A native of Jackson, Tennessee, John is a farmer by birth, a bricklayer, and concrete finisher by trade. He comes from a long line of resilient ancestors whom he credits with his success. This includes two generations from slavery, with his grandfather being a slave. This history gave him the determination to achieve even more than what was expected.

“I believe you need heroes in your bloodline and in your eyesight. This helps you to actually see the success that happens around you and through you,” he says. “My father was 50 years old and my mom was 41 when I was born. They set the foundation of which I build my success.”

His extensive knowledge and experience afford John a unique view of lifestyle trends through which he helps clients make the best decisions for their needs and desires. Furthermore, he prides himself on accountability, attention to detail, and personal service, all of which assist in building lifelong relationships with his clients.

John has studied at Freed-Hardeman University (BS), Theological University of America (MA), University of Memphis, and Southern Christian University. His research paper, “Single-mothering Stimulates a Positive Family Networking within Black Families” was selected and presented at the Annual Graduate Research Symposium at Memphis State University.

John is the CEO of the Solomon Society, a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation, which was developed to educate and nurture Individuals into the practical relevance of the wisdom of God. Solomon Society provides life coaching through teaching, training, workshops, forums, seminars, support groups, and social media.

His extensive work ethic and perseverance are unique qualities that he utilizes to help his clients become successful. John remains committed to offer realistic solutions to what his clients seek from him. “I let current and potential clients know that if they don’t follow the plan I prescribe, I will no longer continue services,” he shares.

Although John runs several companies and provides several services, the one that brings him the most satisfaction is life coaching. He offers functional and practical life changing. Once, he took on a client with a failing business and charted for him a specific course. With a solution in place, it ultimately helped to turn their business around. “I strategically look at client’s needs and meet them where they are,” he shares.

As a result of growing up on a farm, John saw first-hand how his family got everything they needed from their land; the only things they got from outside resources were flour and sugar. This taught him that he could work hard and achieve anything on his own. “Every situation that I had in life led me back to what my father taught me. The relationship I have with my father helps me to show others how to rebuild relationships with their fathers,” John states.

His book titled “Man Handing” was actually written for single mothers as resource to assist with raising their sons. However, it ended up helping men rebuild broken relationships with their fathers. John feels that family relationships are very important; he is the father of three sons and one daughter. Though now adults, starting at the age of 18 he informed them that it they wanted to live with him, they would have to pay rent after graduating from college. This was done as a means to establish independence with them, and what he believes helped them to become eventual homeowners.

The lessons he has learned, and what he extends to his clients are worth more than any amount of money. John has several successful paths for others to follow and is determined to make sure he leaves a positive mark in this world. His motto is “Coaching That Builds Persistent Mental Stamina That Empowers You to Enjoy Peace, Passion, and Productivity.”

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