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by Terry Watson | November 4th, 2010
Jomars Travel Services

Joe and Marie Smith

Joe and Marie Smith of Charlotte, N.C. are the faces behind Jomars Travel Services. JTS is a full service agency that provides all aspects of travel specializing in cruises, estination weddings, all-inclusive vacations, customized vacation packages and honeymoons.

Joe is a retired electrical engineer. His wife Marie worked in corporate administration for over 30 years until being laid off in 2008. With an increase of personal time available, they focused their attention on the growth of their business.

In 2004, Joe Smith saw an opportunity that connected with his wife’s love of travel and her desire to become a full time travel agent. “We love helping others to realize their dream vacations,” they say. “Whatever you desire; a hut on a secluded island or the detailed pampering service that gets you what you want without having to ask – your wish is our command.”

To maintain a competitive edge, the Smith’s are constantly educating themselves and staying on top of industry updates, specials and new locations. Jomars Travel Services is an independent contractor affiliated with Montrose Travel, one of the top national travel agencies. Montrose Tavel has been in business for over 50 years and received the 2010 Trendsetter Award from Travel Age West and leads the travel industry as a Home Based Online Agent Hosting Provider.

A “No Booking Fee” is one of the important differences that sets JTS apart from other travel agencies. As the Smith’s continue to strive for “Excellence in Service” they will work to get thier clients the best vacations at the best prices.

For more information abour Jomars Travel, please call 1-877-442-6937 or (704) 737-9011.
You can also visit their website at

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