Jonathan C. Harris

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Jonathan C. Harris

Jonathan C. Harris

For author Jonathan Harris, he has proven that anything is possible. In just one year, he transformed his appearance and embraced the responsibility of living a healthier life and dropped 100 pounds. For many, that can be an impossible feat, but for Jonathan it all coincides with who he is, an achiever, overcomer, and conqueror.

Born and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland, he is no stranger to leadership, hard work, or success. At the young age of ten years old, he was featured as a guest weatherman for a day on a local new station, Fox 5 DC News. He was the high school Valedictorian of his graduating class, and has earned many awards such as the Forty Under 40 for Prince George’s County, MD. He is also a TEDx Talk speaker, and TEDxFortWashington Founder. He has been recognized by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Outstanding Men’s Program and is the recipient of the Kiwanis Club Citizenship Award.

After high school, he attended the University of Delaware where he ironically fell in love with his Resident Assistant (RA) job and working with students. After college, he had a major career switch and decided to pursue a career in higher education. That led to his first degree granting HBCU, Lincoln University.

With some much already accomplished, Jonathan found time to do even more. In 2016, he authored his first book, Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life. In 2020, he did the unimaginable and wrote two books, on the same day: Growing Gents and Girls With Pearls. He then started his own publishing company, Harris Publishing, LLC, so that he could help more aspiring authors.

Jonathan shares, “My debut book, Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life, has been added to several popular bookstores including Barnes and Noble, eBay, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Apple Bookstore, and many more. The book is about how to take ownership of your own life and improve your self-worth.” His second book, Growing Gents, reached the top 250 for best-selling books for the ‘books for boys’ category. His third book, Girls With Pearls climbed to the top 500 for best-selling books for the ‘books for girls’ category in just its first week on the Amazon best-selling book charts.

Jonathan shares that Growing Gents teaches boys at an early age what it means to be a gentleman. “Imagine a world where all little boys grow up to be kind, thoughtful, punctual, and helpful. This is what I wanted to capture,” he says. “Girls With Pearls is the perfect book to instill great qualities that will last a lifetime. This effective, beautiful, and colorful book shows young girls the importance of using manners, treating themselves and others with respect, and following their dreams. A lot of children’s literature gives a message through a fictional story, but we do not have many children’s books that are self-help and offer a powerful message. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize that families need help in providing educational and fun materials for their children. As a young African American male author, I am excited to provide new content for them.”

Jonathan says he is inspired by those who will follow after him. “Since I was a child, my late grandfather, William Kirksey always told me that nothing in this world was designed for its own use. Meaning an apple tree doesn’t grow apples to eat the apples themselves. I know that I was put on this earth to make things better for the next person,” he says. “I have a lot of young people who look up to me, including my godson, nephews, mentees, cousins, students, and those who read my books. They remind me that quitting is not an option. As a black man, I constantly think of past slaves who were beaten, jailed, and even killed for learning how to read and write, so becoming an author means the world to me. The same way my ancestors worked hard to make sure I had better, is the same way I want to pay it forward for the next generation of people. My goal is to leave the world in a better space than I found it.”

Jonathan shares that being an author has afforded a lot of opportunities. “I have spoken with schools, churches, mentoring programs, and on many other platforms. I have been blessed to have some pretty impactful conversations with the youth about self-esteem, friendship choices, healthy relationships, finances, spirituality/religion, education, and much more. Due to my transparency with them, many students have opened up about some challenging situations in their lives,” he shares.

In the future, Jonathan plans to publish his fourth book, and organize a book tour. He is also considering running for public office. On top of that, he is looking forward to becoming a husband and father one day.

To learn more about Jonathan, please visit his website.

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