Joshua and Nikki Purkett

Dr. Marrissa Dick | November 14th, 2018
Joshua and Nikki Purkett (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Joshua and Nikki Purkett (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Fall is here and it’s a welcoming season for those who enjoy the winter months. The crisp air and the beautiful autumn colored leaves dancing with the wind provides comforting thoughts for those who anticipate sitting in their favorite chair before a fire place, eating homemade soup, drinking warm coco with melted marshmallows, and binging on their favorite television series. But what about those who happen to live in a seasonal climate and don’t take comfort in the winter months? What about the people who crave constant sunshine, humidity, warm clear water, and white sandy beaches? What do they do? They contact a travel agent that’s what they do. Meet Joshua and Nikki Purkett owners and operators of GetAway Travel Group, LLC. Planning your trip with this team provides you the luxury of having an actual person with whom you have built a trusted relationship with. This husband and wife team has set the bar high when it comes to providing unmatched accommodations for their clientele.

According to Joshua, “My wife and I started this business almost ten years ago. We’re both engineers. Nikki is a chemical engineer and I’m a civil engineer. In those roles we were able to travel all over the world and we both loved it. Whenever we were able to vacation, we would really travel and discover the ends out of the places we visited. So, one day a good friend of mine put me on to the business. I worked with him part-time for a while and then business started picking up. Once I saw the increase, I put a business plan together and put some marketing behind it. In our third year we really got our big break when we began working with David’s Bridal. Within the next three months’ business went from working at home to having to get an office space in downtown Greensboro. That’s when we had to decide to let our day jobs go because we couldn’t manage the travel business as fast as it was growing and perform our careers, too. So, we made the decision to go all in and it’s a decision that we don’t regret making.”

So, what can a travel agent do for you that you can’t do for yourself? For starters, travel agents are invested in their clients’ happiness and satisfaction, first. They can alleviate the stress of planning a trip especially if you’re traveling in groups of five or more. Also, a professional travel agent travels for a living looking at everything from the size of the rooms at hotels, resorts, and cruise ships to the dining options that are available both on and off site. They know the hidden gems in each destination because they’ve seen it for themselves. A travel agents’ primary goal is making sure that you receive unparalleled courtesy with every trip, so you can have positive memories long after you’ve returned from your destination. Like a marriage your personal travel agent is with you before, during and after your trip. Speaking of marriages let’s look at their signature romance line, Say I Do Travel. Joshua shares, “We offer two different brands of travel. The GetAway Travel brand focuses more on individuals, groups and incentive trips for corporations. Then there’s our romance line and that’s our Say I Do Travel brand. It’s here where we put together travel packages for weddings, vow renewals, and bachelor or bachelorette destination trips. We can even coordinate your wedding at the destination or aboard a ship if necessary. Anything to do with romance we have it covered here. Our focus is to give exemplary customer service to our clientele no matter how much they’re spending. All of our clients receive the same level of service and that’s a service that they can’t get anywhere else. Honestly, our service and our commitment to delivering what we say we’re going to deliver are our signature pieces.” Some people may wonder why they should pay a fee to the middle man when they can go online and schedule a trip for themselves. Did you know that travel agents can save you money on airline tickets, hotel reservations and on cruise ships? So even if your travel agent charges a fee, the value you receive and the money you save will far exceed what you’ve paid in any fee. “What we ask our customers to do is to trust us and to take the price off the table. You can’t compare thirty, forty or fifty dollars to a life-time of happy memories. Also, to buffer that cost we have formed solid partnerships with our suppliers and we can offer a price match guarantee which an individual person can’t do. If you find a similar package that we’ve given you, we are going to beat that price. One thing we do for our clientele is allow them to follow us live while we’re touring the different properties, so they can see it for themselves. They can see what their hotel room or cabin or estate is going to look like in advance. There’s nothing worse than looking at a wonderful brochure and having that expectation but when you get to that property it’s doesn’t look anything like the brochure. We go to these properties on a regular basis, so we know they’re well-kept facilities. We know that the management team there is professional. We know everything we need to know about that resort or destination because we have people on the ground there. We can even organize personal tours at those destinations. And when you book with us early, especially on a cruise we can get you those free perks like spa and drink packages, on board cash credits, and excursions. That leaves the cash in your pockets. You can’t ever lose with us.”

GetAway Travel Group understands that the world is constantly changing, and their travel agents are on the ground experiencing it, so you don’t have to. In particular, the recent natural disasters have devastated some of the Caribbean islands and many of the coastal communities. GetAway Travel is updated on the renovations of all-natural disaster locations. They are aware of what countries are friendly to Americans opposed to those who aren’t. Since they have agents on the ground, they receive current information from a possible social unrest to what time the parade or carnival will begin. Another thing they understand is that now a day’s people are traveling alone.

GetAway Travel provides that solo traveler with comfort in knowing, that though they may be traveling alone, they still have representatives looking out for them at their destination and that makes all the difference in the world. According to Joshua, “You know we also provide services for that person who is traveling alone. Our clients find comfort in knowing that when they reach their destination, they’ll have a point of contact right there on site. Also, we provide our clients with an app with a feature that goes directly to your personal agent and it also allows you to contact the onsite coordinator at your destination. So yes, you’re alone, but you’re really not alone. There is always going to be someone looking out for you checking on you to make sure you’re good whether you’re alone or traveling in a group. Our clients appreciate that safety component. Other agencies don’t offer that and someone just booking a trip on line with Expedia or Travelocity doesn’t have access to that safety piece either. We’re going to get you where you’re going with a service that can’t be matched and we’re going to make sure we bring you home happy.” One additional service that GetAway Travel provides its’ clients is they are special need certified and so are the hotels and resorts they have partnered with. These facilities are certified to handle all types of special needs such as oxygen, wheel chairs, and activities for autistic individuals. They firmly believe that everyone is entitled to having fond memories that will last them a lifetime.

GetAway Travel Group recognizes that family is important, and they understand that multi-generational vacations are still very much in demand. They understand that planning travel for a multitude of people can be time consuming and extremely challenging and sometimes costly if arrangements go wrong. Remember, as an individual most often you don’t get a do-over for a vacation that has gone wrong. These travel agents can help you achieve the vacation of your dreams because they listen, suggest, adjust, and understand your expectation. “Our main focus is travel made simple because we take all of the hustle and bustle out of it. We make this process simple regardless to whether it’s one person or a group of people. We take all the worry and work out of everything for our clients. We deal with the suppliers. We deal with the airlines. If your airplane is delayed, then we make sure that airline gets that hotel room for you or you can get that car rental, so you can still get to where you’re going. Another thing we offer that most other agencies don’t is the ability to get you a passport. We have a relationship with the Guilford County where we can get your passport the same day or you can even renew it with us. Now how many other agencies do you know do that for you?”

So, yes, fall is here but when you feel the need for some fun in the sun contact GetAway Travel Group. They are standing ready to customize a trip for an individual, a simple group gathering, a family reunion, a corporate event, a wedding, a friends’ GetAway or a social club GetAway. GetAway Travel Group can accommodate your group of any size for any occasion during any season.

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