JP Inner Peace Productions

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Paula & James

Paula & James

Before there was JP Inner Peace Productions, Pastor James A. Washington and his wife Paula had established their foundation on the love of God.

This dynamic duo can best be described as trendsetters. Early in their marriage, the idea came about to start their own theatre company from scratch. Pastor James had been in the theater business for over 30 years and Paula had been involved in business administration for 40 plus years, so any question concerning discipline and consistency was already answered. Merging their love of God and their love for arts would produce what is known today as JP Inner Peace Productions.

They share, “We started with our first show with no real knowledge of what it would require from us. We had no financial backing. We knew it was God’s plan for us, and it was our dream and our ambition to make this happen. That first stage production was very challenging. Spiritually, we were trying to move forward, running into roadblocks one right after the other at the same time, trying to lead a cast and team of people who were looking towards us for spiritual leadership. To go along with those challenges, we were newly married.” Yet God had a plan for them both.

Launched in 2016, JP Inner Peace Productions is as dynamic as Pastor James and Paula are. Their mission is to educate the people of God in spiritual understanding through various productions, workshops, seminars, and more. They also strive to develop and create a spiritual awareness utilizing the arts, Judeo-Christian Biblical Principles, and training to provide Christian understanding, instruction, and guidance.

The decision to start their company has proven to be a good one. They share, “After we had helped someone with their Stage Production in the Summer of 2016, we were sitting on the couch discussing how much we wanted to pursue our dreams. We talked about how we’d spent years either working for someone else or performing for someone else. We discovered we wanted to try our hands at doing for ourselves what we had been doing for others. We kept brainstorming how it would look like. We started throwing out names and had to stop because the ideas were just not flowing for us. We turned to the scriptures to gain some inspiration and landed on [2 Corinthians 13:11 “Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you]. This scripture gave us both such peace about our decision. We prayed and thanked God and realized the steps we were planning also filled us with inner peace. We wanted to incorporate that inner peace into our company name. James had the brilliant idea to add JP to the beginning which represents both our initials. We reached out to our nephew who was in school for graphics and had him create our first logo and also reached out to several people for help with obtaining the rights to our name. We poured over books and references to learn the ins and outs of running a theater company, and finally dug into our savings account.” At this point, it was obvious that Pastor James and Paula were serious, and at the beginning of 2017, with the help of Paula’s sister, Sandra Williams, and their friend, Rev. Kenneth James, JP Inner Peace Productions produced its first stage play, “Tell Hell I Ain’t Coming.”

The services offered by JP Inner Peace Productions include Theater Productions, and stage plays with Biblical principles focused on Christian understanding and guidance. They also offer Community Outreach Seminars, Workshops, and Panels that are based on topics that are addressed in the stage plays. Additionally, JP Inner Peace Productions have Production Collaborations, Script Writing, Script Consulting, outsourced Productions, Directing, and education and training.

The musical components of JP Inner Peace Productions focus on music, and also Vocal Lessons, Piano Lessons, Ministry Training, Biblical Studies, Music and Entertainment, and Artist Management.

Pastor James and Paula are looking forward to the future. They plan to include more live musical performances and incorporate a film component into their company. There are also talks of developing a Bible Institute that will include a Christian Academy for Pre-K through Second Graders. They share, “One day, we would like to buy or build our very own location. Running a successful company has required us to grow through many obstacles such as learning how to work together and understanding the financial part of the business. We’ve also learned the value of expert guidance and advice, and embraced the support of our community. The most important thing we’ve learned is there is no ministry or JP Inner Peace Production without God.”
To learn more about JP Inner Peace Production, please visit their website.

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