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by Crystal Kelly | November 4th, 2010
Jeffery Broadie

Jeffery Broadie

Reach one to teach one ― is the everyday motto for business owner Jeffery W. Broadie of Just For You Barber Styling Academy, Inc. He believes that in order for someone to be able to teach and help a person and help them reach the next level, you must first understand where they are in life. Just For You Barber Academy not only teaches the students how to be barbers/stylists, but how to be successful business owners. Broadie states, “I believe in entrepreneurship.”

Just For You Academy started in 1998 with seven students. Today, there are a total of three Just For You salons and barber shops with approximately 85 students and employees working to promote Broadie’s vision.
After earning a marketing degree from Winston Salem State University and receiving his barber license from Black World Barber College, Broadie wanted to provide a business where he could teach the art of getting to “know” hair while also providing the necessary tools on how to manage your own business. He says, “It’s important to really know how to work with all types of hair and people in order to be more marketable as a barber and business owner. It’s not about just cutting hair but really knowing hair.”

His students are able to cut hair of different ethnic backgrounds; they learn about different hair types and how to treat and maintain damaged or thinning hair, and they learn how to work with different hair chemicals. The goal of the academy is to provide its students with the necessary tools to one day become salon or barbershop owners themselves.

Broadie believes in the motto reach one, teach one. This message is not only taught to the students of the academy, but is also shared with several Charlotte Mecklenburg high schools throughout the year. Just For You Academy students accompany Broadie as he travels to different high schools, spreading his message on the importance of successfully marketing yourself and to encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

In September of this year, Broadie won the Political Black Caucus of Charlotte Mecklenburg for Small Business of the Year Award. He was nominated by Ms. Anna Hood who is the grandmother of one of the students at the academy. “I was totally surprised when I got the call, informing me that I would be receiving this award. It’s an honor and I’m just very grateful. I hope that this award has taught and encouraged my students to reach the next level in their life,” says Broadie.

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