Just Friends With Benefits (JUFWBE)

JUFWBE | March 8th, 2012

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Just Friends With Benefits (JUFWBE, pronounced Ja-Foo-Bay strings chat, global business and networking together with themes of respect, determination and focus to create an online environment where members can seal their next business deal and make a dinner date — all on one site. Small business owners, educational institutions and professionals alike can come together to prove that business can be mixed with pleasure and that society is actually better off for it.

JUFWBE aims to facilitate everlasting relationships where your goals are met, dreams realized and you are embraced. We do not believe in competition. We believe that everyone has their own special gifts and talents to bring to the table and that everyone gets the opportunity to shine their light in their due season. We are committed to making sure that we connect everyone around the globe so that we will all benefit from each other’s specialties in hopes of growing in spirit personally and in business.

Unlike many other social networking sites, members of JUFWBE.com are not limited to one specific genre of networking. Depending on membership, businesses are encouraged to promote their goods and services through the online marketplace and business directory, as well as advertise through video streaming and other innovative marketing tools. Members also have access to live chat, virtual networking, member profiles and`JUFWBE networking events to create an encouraging setting for further relationship building to develop.

JUFWBE also supports Marketing and Technological development of any business which includes web development, mobile websites, mobile apps, landing pages, logos, banner ads, fliers…etc. By creating such a collaborative atmosphere, users benefit both professionally and personally from their interactions on the site and beyond.

If you would like more information about www.JUFWBE.com or are interested in appearing in our ad campaign, please send a detailed e-mail request to info@jufwbe.com.

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