Katannya Martin

by Terry Watson | May 22nd, 2018
Katannya Martin (Photos by Young Gemini)

Katannya Martin (Photos by Young Gemini)

Though Katannya Martin may wear many hats, none is more important than the one she fulfills as a wife and mother. A mother is nurturing and is equally proficient as a listener and talker. A wife is someone who expresses her love in everything she does, regardless of the situation or setting. These are the attributes that Katannya embodies and share with the staff and clientele of “N” Demand Nail Studio in Greenville.

Katannya is a licensed Nail Technician and Educator, and the owner/operator. “I believe that any good salon owner should be able to connect with its staff,” she says. “I have been charged by God to guide the new technicians He sends me. They are often young in age and experience, and I take on the role as mentor and protector to ensure they learn the truths and myths about our industry which will help them not to make the mistakes that I made when I began my career.”

“N” Demand Nail Studio is a full-service salon that offers premium Nail and Hair services. They use Shan MarCam products, which is a line created by Katannya and Bridgette Campbell, and specialize in unique nail designs from embedding to water nails. Their hair stylist offers a variety of services from blowouts to custom color, and also have a naturalist on sight who specializes in homeopathic pedicures and manicures, providing personal care for natural nails. They also offer eyebrow threading and waxing and will cater spa and private parties.

Katannya says “I didn’t choose nails, they chose me. I wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. My mother was a hair stylist and I was led to style hair. However, I became bored and burned out and soon had no passion for hair. So, I decided to take a nail course and felt right at home. I didn’t think I was any good or able to draw or create some of the awesome nails that I saw others produce, but I worked very hard and paid attention whenever I got my nails done. I remember going to the same nail technician to get services just, so I could watch and learn their techniques. I often share with my students that I stole most of my education.”

Katannya’s personal services include nail enhancements, nail art, reconstruction of nails, and tutorial classes. The thing that she loves most about her career is the freedom to express her creativity and bring to life the thoughts and ideas of others. “When people sit in my chair they are free and comfortable to talk about anything going on in their lives. That’s where building a rapport with a client grows from a service relationship into a friendship. “Most of my clients have been with me for 15 plus years, and from the beginning of my career, I’ve valued their friendship as much as their patronage,” she says.

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