Katrina Davis

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | January 16th, 2018
Katrina Davis (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Katrina Davis (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Some may call it arrogance, over confidence, or self love, but no matter how you view Katrina Davis, she knows who she is and the gifts that lies within her. She has endured tough criticism and has the battle scars to prove it, yet Katrina has been able to love herself past her pain. It has now become her personal goal to empower others and show them how to embrace the beauty within themselves. “I want everyone, especially women to feel loved, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and most of all empowered,” she says.

When Katrina Davis decided she wanted to become a licensed hair stylist, her uncle, with whom she’s very close to, discouraged her. She had been practicing on friends and family since she was in grade school and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Her uncle had hoped she would become a doctor, lawyer, or some other professional that most think is prestigious and high-earning. He told her that there was no future in the hair industry and denied her the monetary loan she asked for to get started.

“He told me he could help me get a full scholarship to Spelman [College] but he would not pay for cosmetology school.” Katrina was disappointed that her uncle didn’t see her vision, but that didn’t stop her, it just forced her to push harder to make her dream a reality. Now she owns Code Red Salon, where she services clients from all walks of life, and takes pride in helping each one transform themselves.

“Once I start talking to a client, it’s interesting to see how they view themselves. People get so caught up in life that they don’t think they’re attractive. They want to look nice but they don’t know how to get there. And it’s not until I start making changes that they see themselves differently,” Katrina explains. Some of Katrina’s clients felt so unattractive, that they wouldn’t allow her to take their picture, and if she did convince them to take one, they wouldn’t allow her to post it on social media.

What many stylists don’t do, that Katrina prides herself on, is taking the time to learn as much as she can about the person sitting in her chair. So many variables are factored into creating the perfect look that takes more than one conversation to understand. In addition to considering their body type, hair type, and skin complexion, she includes their profession, lifestyle, and even their age. At times, she even likes to inquire about what their spouse likes.

“I get them to embrace their own beauty. They have to know what’s beautiful within themselves. I also pay attention to their personality. If they don’t have the personality to go along with the style, they won’t be able to pull it off,” says Katrina.

In the African American community, beauty salons are a place of solace, trust, and honesty. There have been movies on the big screen showcasing women (and men) and the relationships they form with those responsible for their image. So, when a client walks through the door, they expect to be able to trust the person who is cutting, coloring, and styling their mane. “I tell my clients up front, that I only have their best interest in mind, so if they’re looking for a ‘yes’ person, I won’t be the best stylist for them. I’m only going to do what I know will work.”

During a customary appointment, Katrina made an executive decision that completely changed the look of a frequent client. Prior to making the drastic change, the unsuspecting customer wore a more conservative hair color. Attempting to light a fire, Katrina decided to make her a bold blonde. “Initially she didn’t like it, but I told her if she wore it for a week and still didn’t like it, I’d change it back at no charge.” Needless to say, there were no changes and the client grew to love it, while getting endless compliments.

Sonya Battle can’t help but gush about the stylist she’s had for the past four years. Before coming to Katrina, Sonya suffered from hair loss and was undoubtedly frustrated with the stylists she frequented previously. They didn’t listen to her concerns and seemingly lacked the ability to properly care for her hair.
“Katrina’s strong-suit is maintaining healthy hair and I haven’t really found that before. She’s taken my hair from a pixie to a bob, back to a short cut, and it’s all my hair. She also educates me on how to care for my hair at home instead of just styling it and sending me on my way. Because I’m a woman of a certain age, she helped me understand that hormones also cause your hair to change.”

Owner and Operator of CVC (Cultural Vista Couture), Cedric Blackwell, has referred several clients to Katrina, simply because he’s pleased with how both of his daughters and his mother always enjoy the total experience0. It’s not often that you hear of a grandmother and her teenage granddaughters utilizing the same stylist, but Katrina is very versatile. She has no problem servicing clients of all ages and provides a myriad of hairstyles that are age and activity appropriate. “Kat D doesn’t try to do things, she does. I really like that she’s spiritually based. She understands that servitude is the drive. When her clients come in, they not only work on the physical aesthetics but the inner aesthetics as well. My daughters, who are 13 and 14 are both in ROTC, and they love going to Katrina. As the owner she oversaw the girls services from beginning to end to ensure they got a style they loved and was functional for ROTC and for school.,” Blackwell said.

Just from talking to some of her happy customers, I quickly concluded that Katrina doesn’t just ‘do hair’, a phrase largely used to describe hair stylists. She changes lives. Her equal love of beauty and the admiration for those that walk through her doors, pushes her to dig deeper. She wants them all to feel inspired, motivated, and empowered. “I try to help my clients see what I see in them. And sometimes it takes a while for that to happen.”

Some of Katrina’s clients are cancer patients who have lost their hair to treatment, domestic violence survivors who have escaped an abusive partner and are stressed, or bankers who need to look professional, but want to avoid harmful chemicals by wearing their natural tresses. They all have another side to them just waiting to emerge. “My goal with creating the alter ego is to push my clients to step outside of the box. I need them to understand that there are so many options, and when the bond is right with you and your stylist, it’s easier for us to elevate you to the next level. Because my job is to absolutely elevate you.”

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