Katrina Davis

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | November 21st, 2016
Katrina Davis (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Katrina Davis (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Katrina Davis is Charlotte’s best kept secret. Why, you might ask? Most don’t know that she offers 2:00 a.m. appointments for a number of her clients. Some arrive needing an encouraging word and others occasionally need a meal. With ‘round-the- clock availability, you’d think she was a doctor or social worker – but she’s a hair stylist and owner of Code Red Salon.

Why the name Code Red? Because she deals with matters of the heart, she explains. “Many of my clients have needs well beyond their hair. I’ve had battered women walk through my door or someone who is homeless, suicidal or a cancer patient needing privacy because of hair loss from chemotherapy. I focus on illuminating the inner beauty to match the clients’ outer beauty,” she says. With such delicate situations, the salons mission was created to reflect just that; “Where clients are treated like kings and queens.”

Katrina knows all too well what it’s like to be down and out and in need of special treatment. At one point, she found herself homeless and a victim of domestic violence. She is a survivor who fought her way through, never giving up on her dream. Now, she makes herself available to the many clients that call her, emotionally or even physically hurting, at any time of day or night.

Though she’s not a counselor, she finds that she’s a great listener and has aided many in turning their lives around. “I’ve had clients come in an hour before their appointment just to talk. Usually it’s for them, but I also benefit from those moments.”

Katrina’s story doesn’t travel in a straight line – rather in many directions and it has finally come full circle. As a child, Katrina grew up hanging out in her grandfather’s barbershop. “I would watch him run his business and that really lit the fuse for me.”

She realized her passion at an early age and set out to pursue it by attending beauty school. Unfortunately, during the process, she was faced with a small setback. There was a waiting list for the program she wanted to attend. Not wanting to stay stagnant, she decided to enlist in the Army and soon after, became a Military Police officer. “Shortly after graduating from basic training, I reported for duty in Atlanta at the 1996 Summer Olympics. I rarely share the fact that I was near the park when the bomb went off. It was that moment in my life that forever changed my perspective on how I live. I decided to stop existing in this world and start living on purpose with a purpose.”

After fulfilling her military duties, she realized her passion for hair still burned and she didn’t hesitate to move forward with her dream of attending and graduating from beauty school. Before relocating to Charlotte from her hometown of Atlanta, GA four years ago, Katrina also owned a hair salon and confesses that she was ‘a slave to her business’. Financially, she was on top of the world, but personally and emotionally, she was burned out. So as not to repeat the same behavior, she now takes time for herself to make sure she’s happy and healthy to ensure that her clients’ needs are met.

What sets Code Red apart from other salons in addition to her nontraditional hours, is she also offers a monthly haircare plan. “Clients love to budget along with staying on track with their hair maintenance. And it helps me know what to expect and makes the process more efficient.” With these types of innovative ideas, there’s no wonder why Katrina is a successful business owner.

If giving her family of clients so much of her wasn’t enough, she also gives back to her community by offering her time to the less fortunate during the holidays by collecting coats, clothing, and other items needed. Code Red Salon is considered a donation facility where they accept all types of charitable donations. Katrina and her team hand delivers them to shelters and other facilities that offers items for free. She also pays it forward by frequenting other black owned businesses. As many minority entreprenuers have often mentioned, it’s important to spend our dollars in our own communities. And Katrina does just that. She hopes the community will continue to do the same for her.

As a visionary, Katrina has learned everyone will not understand her walk. Her most difficult time came when she realized some friends and family didn’t support her vision and didn’t have faith in her dream. “Those are the times when your faith comes first and if you trust God’s plan, there is nothing any man can do or say to distract you from His purpose.” Katrina’s belief in the higher plan is immeasurable. She knows she has overcome her setbacks for a reason and she’s confident that she will continue to be blessed, and be a blessing to others.

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