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by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Katrina M. Kimble

Katrina M. Kimble

Since 2007, Katrina McKinney Kimble of Memphis, TN has taken an active role inteaching and leading wellness training programs. She is the founder of AwakenWellness Consulting, a consulting firm whose mission is to advocate, inform,and motivate others to pursue whole-person wellness.

Katrina is a graduate of The University ofMemphis. There she obtained a Bachelorof Business Administration Degree, with a concentration in Human ResourcesManagement and Leadership. She alsoreceived a Health Ministry Certificate from Wesley Theological Seminary. Katrina is the proud mother of two sons andhas three grandchildren. Those are thethings that make her life complete.

The journey that Katrina has traveled inlife hasn’t always been an easy one. Sheknows what it feels like to be hurt. Shealso understands that there is life after being hurt. “After surviving years of emotional andspiritual brokenness, I learned that hurt people will hurt people. However, I learned that a healed person canhelp to heal others. We hear so muchabout mental illness, but the real question is [do you want to be well and doyou know what makes you well]. To becomethe person that I was created to be, I had to let go of unrealisticexpectations that I had of myself and allowed others to put on me. You do not need the permission of others tolive your life. I am determined to dothe work and create the life that I want,” Katrina says.

With Awaken Wellness Consulting, Katrinahas been able to pour her heart into serving others. “There is a deep connection between faith,health, and wellness. Through ourprograms and assessments, we can help individuals to understand how to create aself-care and wellness plan that supports their individual needs,” shesays. Some of their programs includeSpeaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Mental Health Advocate, Mindfulness Training,Self-Care Awareness Training, Whole-Person Wellness Assessment Tools, BuildingHealthy Relations, Lunch and Learn Series for companies/organizations, Healthand Wellness Workshops & Conferences (in-person and virtual), andCoordinate Wellness Event (in-person and virtual).

How did Katrina get started? She shares that in 2016, she had theopportunity to attend her first wellness retreat. “Although I didn’t know what to expect, Iwent anyhow to learn about whole-person wellness. At the retreat, I did not realize how burnedout and stressed I was. During amediation walk, I was awakened to understand that I am not perfect and didn’thave to be. I am not a superwoman, noram I a victim. As I started speaking atlocal and regional conferences about the importance of whole-person wellness,the foundation for business was created,” she said. Early on, Katrina realized she had anatural love for what she was doing. “When I lead a training session, I love watching people have an “ahamoment”. My greatest joy is supportingan individual on their journey to being well. I love helping others develop tools and strategies that can be used tohelp prevent their past from stealing the hope for their future and their joyof today. As a businesswoman, Iintentionally build collaborative partnerships with diverse individuals, congregations,non-profits, and organizations,” she says.

“My greatest inspirations are my parents,the late Rev. Grady McKinney and Maggie Gassion McKinney. My parents did not have the opportunity toattend college, but they made sure all nine of their children finishedcollege. Over the years, witnessed myparents, with limited money and resources, make a dramatic impact on theirfamily and in their community. When youare focused on being impactful, instead of being important, your purpose willbecome clear,” she says.

Currently, Awake Wellness Consulting isdeveloping an online e-learning subscription and a self-care resourceguide. They are in conversation tolaunch a podcast in Spring 2021. Additionally, there will be a virtual health and wellness summit in thefall of 2020. Katrina and her team areworking on creating mental health advocacy training and resources to supportthe community during the Covid 19 pandemic. Her advice to others who may share similar dreams such as hers, is simple. “You can’t share your dreams with everyone. Some people will kill, and even steal your dreams. Too often we get disappointed when others donot get excited about our dreams. You must be sure that your purpose, passion, and plans are aligned,” she says.

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