Ken Roberson

by Terry Watson | March 17th, 2017
Ken Roberson (Photos by Howard Giather)

Ken Roberson (Photos by Howard Giather)

A mixture of kindheartedness, compassion, love, obedience, power, strength, determination, wisdom, discernment, vision, and mercy. That is the best and most honest way to describe Ken Roberson. He is a man that has been shaped through hot trials and tribulations. Those same battles have help to form him into a solider of Jesus Christ.

He was born by a father but not with a father, and raised by a single mom who cared for him and his younger brother. His mom kept them in line with a young lady he called his grandmother, which was actually his great aunt, who kept them in church and introduced them to a holy lifestyle. At the age of 12, he left that lifestyle behind and traded it for a life of alcohol, and confesses that he was literally a teenage alcoholic. He ran and did what sinners do, but however that holy lifestyle didn’t leave him.

“I had my first child at the age of 17 and didn’t know anything about being a father because my example failed to pass down the blueprint of fatherhood,” says Roberson. Maybe because his father did the same thing and so he executed his duties as he saw fit.

Those times were growing opportunities for Roberson and he was able to make it because he had a girlfriend that never gave up on him. At the age of 28 he was finally tired of running the streets, visiting bars and clubs and was ready to give my life to a Holy God that never left him, even when he had turned away from Him. And so on a assembly line at Procter & Gamble in 1999 he gave his life back to God.

Once saved, his lifestyle changed. He pursued after a Godly lifestyle. After a two year separation he was reunited with his sons mother and they got married on March 4, 2002. Since being married, they have accumulated two beautiful girls to accompany their handsome son, one 14 years of age and the baby girl 10 years of age. Recently they also have added a grandchild.

Today, Roberson is real estate agent for The Way of 3 Realty. He finds enjoyment in assisting buyers and sellers with all of their real estate needs. “I educate the consumer regarding home ownership. I also provide a listening ear to the desires and visions of future and past home owners and direct them based on their needs and wants,” he says.

While working on that assembly line 2000, Roberson says the idea of being a realtor came to thought. He knew that it had to be the Lord speaking because prior to this he had no desire to do so. This idea grew over the next three years and on June 3, 2003, he gave a two week notice to his employer and began Real Estate School at Guilford Technical Community College. “I successfully passed my class and the state exam in December of 2003, and I started working for Remax of Greensboro in February 12, 2004,” he says. After building a successful career for several years while working for various big name real estate companies, in 2013 he says God directed him, to start his own company, The Way of 3 Realty.

As an accomplished agent, Roberson says he loves the interaction with new home owners. “I love to see their faces when all of the ups and down has ended. When the repairs have been negotiated and finally fixed. When we walk through the house for the final time and when they have completed signing their life away and they look at me with those eyes of excitement. This gives me great joy because I know that I was part of something special in their lives. You can’t put a price on that type of feeling,” says Roberson.

Just as in any other profession, the business of real estate has it many challenges as well as ups and downs. “This business is not for the faint at heart. I’ve seen days of abundance and I’ve seen many days of lack. I’ve dealt with rude agents and unfaithful clients. The challenge is to not let on when you are going through the rough patches. The clients can’t know that you’re having a bad day or a bad year. You have to press on and be excited for their blessing, even while you are in your closet and asking God where is yours,” he says.

Yet, Roberson remains inspired by seeing dying men and women come to Christ and seeing his family grow in the Lord and be all they can be in Him. “I inspire to teach and educate first the gospel, then home ownership to individuals that would other wise be blinded by a generation of renters,” he says. When these principles are executed correctly, they allow him to be a blessing to all that crosses his path in business.

Moving forward he plans to continue educating himself in the business of real estate so that he can represent a buyer or seller the best way possible. He also hopes to continue to grow The Way of 3 Realty into more that just real estate. He says he’d like to have a place where christian men and women can come and enjoy haircuts, hair styling, recreation and more, all the while being fed by previous sermons and messages and christian music.

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