Kendra Diggs

by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2018
Kendra Diggs (Photo by Luguzy Atkins)

Kendra Diggs (Photo by Luguzy Atkins)

Kendra Diggs has made her share of noise in the beauty and make up industry. Better known as Kendra MUA, she is a woman full of love and creativity. Kendra is also someone who loves Jesus, is very dainty, and can be very goofy at times. “I’m a June baby. I’m 28 years old and I love to journal, sing, and act. I’m the youngest of four, an auntie, and a Godmommy,” she says. Quite noticeably, Kendra is a bald beauty who has established her brand, The Kween Experience.

The Kween Experience is the extension of Kweenly Beat. It is about empowering women through the art of beauty and self-love. Kendra doesn’t want her brand to represent makeup or fashion alone, but also empower others to acknowledge their beauty, from the inside and out.

“Makeup is not just makeup to me, it’s ministry. It’s a movement of beauty. You are God’s Masterpiece so I’m just the artist with the brush in hand that’s bringing out the God given beauty that’s inside of you,” Kendra says. Her mother was a makeup artist when she was a little girl. She would watch her intently, every Sunday morning before church while she did her makeup and fell in love with the artistry.

As life happened, Kendra would eventually get her first full start at Bovanti Cosmetics in 2010. She learned a lot while working there. Now with nearly eight years under her belt, she currently works for MAC Cosmetics full time. “Even though I do have some experience, I’m still humble enough to be open to learning new things and embracing change. I must remain humble,” she says.

Kendra has endured her share of challenges such as getting married at 22. Her marriage turned abusive and toxic and she was divorced by 25. She would learn to grow up really quick. Her chosen career has come with many challenges as well. The beauty industry has evolved and there are so many individuals who are becoming makeup artists and beauty bloggers. The Kween Experience continues to be relevant mainly because Kendra allows herself to be led by God’s direction. “I have learned that I’m one of a kind and there is no one else on Earth that is like me. I have my own strand of DNA that God has given me, and I faithfully believe that what God has for me is for me,” she says. “If I keep marketing my brand correctly and keep grinding, the right clients will continue to come and I will get someone’s attention at the right time. Even Queen Esther had to go through a time of processing. For who knows why God has called her to the kingdom for such a time as this? For who knows why God has called Kendra to the Beauty industry for such a time as this,” she states.

Kendra’s life has been impressed upon by many, however her love for the late Bishop Otis Lockett Jr. shines the brightest. “Even in death he still impacts my life every single day. As a child he dedicated me back to God. I continue to listen to his teachings and remember every single thing that he has taught me, from business and even to my career now. I miss him dearly but one thing I’m not missing is God. I know he would be proud of me if he was still alive but I will make sure his Godly impact and legacy will continue,” she says.

Moving forward, Kendra will focus on becoming a better “Kendra”. Her plans and goals consist of becoming a published author, becoming healthier, getting into the modeling world, getting a person of affluence in her chair such as Oprah Winfrey or Erykah Badu, and fulfilling God’s will for her life. “Everything I went through was necessary. I don’t accept failure or inconveniences as my final destination. Instead they are only stepping stones to my greatness,” says Kendra.

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