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by Tonya Dixon | July 15th, 2015

HG1_3857Harper’s passion for the financial services industry is rivaled only by his professional and personal experience and education.
Harper is a licensed insurance agent in the state of North Carolina. He also holds non-resident licenses in Georgia, Florida and Ohio. Nevertheless, his experience in the financial services field began many years prior with a less than friendly encounter with the Internal Revenue Service.

“I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owed $8,000 in taxes. I almost passed out at the mailbox,” he says.

Harper had a huge, impending claim looming over his head, but his fiscal condition forced him to recognize his dire situation. It became evident that he was sorely ignorant of basically any financial matter, not to mention blind to his own financial state of affairs. Harper admits his outlook was grim. He says, “I didn’t know the difference between a mutual friend and mutual fund.”

Everything changed when Harper spoke with a Primerica representative, who not only forced him to face his financial woes head on, but also gave him hope for a brighter future by introducing him to an accountant. After he learned about tax deductions from his accountant, Harper realizied that he didn’t owe the IRS $8,000.00, but instead they owed him $10,000. “When I got that check I quit my job and got an Insurance license,” he says.

Fed up and frustrated with his own financial situation, Harper made a vow to change. While he was planning his own future, he couldn’t help but think about all the other individuals who were just like him – unaware, uninformed and no plan for tomorrow – especially African Americans.
Founded in 2014, Harpco (Helping acquire rated policy coverage options) helps build a sound financial foundation for the average, working citizen. The agency strives to establish and increase their quality of life and fulfill dreams for years to come through life and health insurance as well as retirement strategies and legal plans.

Harper holds his Series 6, 63 and 26 securities licenses and will be offering Securities and Investment products in the Fall of 2015. He also has over 18 years of direct sales experience, and nine years of experience providing financial products and services through working directly in the middle class community. His years of experience ultimately revealed the huge need that existed for greater financial literacy.

According to Harper, the average minority business owner has no viable succession plan, not to mention inadequate insurance and representation for the surprises and financial mishaps that will inevitably happen. He continues by saying, although the problem is widespread, the issue will ultimately have the greatest and most profound effect on the middle class – where most Americans find themselves.

Just like Harper’s personal financial crisis, a lack of understanding, insufficient or poor fiscal recordkeeping, as well as a lackluster desire to even understand such matters and fear compound together as the foundational problem for most individuals and small business owners. As dire as the fact may be, statistics are even greater within minority groups, particularly African Americans. Many African Americans were not raised in households where finances were abundant and/or discussed. Although the problem plagues all people groups, African American’s by and large suffer the greatest. Harper is on a personal and professional crusade to reverse the notions and mentalities of “ignore it and it will go away” or “it will work itself out” or “make it and spend it”.

Harpco Benefits Alliance makes sure the client is intricately involved in the financial planning processes. The company recommends customers take a hands-on approach to the decisions that will be effecting their lives and legacy. Additionally, the company emphasizes the importance of education in order to break the cycle of poor financial management.

What exactly does Harpco offer? Over 100 Carriers

  • Life insurance with living benefits. Most people understand the general premise behind life insurance, however an equal amount have little to no understanding regarding living benefits. Life insurance with living benefits offers protection and financial assistance in the event of terminal, critical and chronic illness as well as death.
  • Retirement Strategies. The company offers plans and options to help clients secure money for the future including, Traditional and Roth IRAs, permanent life insurance and other options.
  • Legal Plans. Legal plans are necessary to protect the unexpected issues of life. From car accidents to divorce, customers can rest assured they will receive qualified legal advice and representation.

Harpco also offers Business Owners Financial Services including Buy-Sell Funding, Key Man Person Insurance, Business Valuation, Business Legal Protection Plans, and Employer Group Benefits for employees. Aditionally they offers Life, Health, and Accident, Disability, Cancer, Dental, Vision, Hearing and Hospital Indemnity plans. Their services are complimented with Final Expense Plans, Term, Whole Life, Guaranteed Issue, Mortgage Protection, Index Universal Life, Universal Single Premium/Whole Life, Will and Estate Planning Services, and Identity Theft Services.

Harpco Benefits Alliance brand and company will bring a “value” and “trust” much needed and well over due to the financial services industry, middle class America, and the African American community.

Harpco has devised and designed a specific need based portfolio of financial products that include financial literacy seminars, community outreach, and faith based initiative programs. The company has avowed to forge and build loyalty in the community unlike any other financial services institution in the industry.

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